Comics You Can Dance To #1: The Reboot!

A column article, Comics You Can Dance To by: Danny Djeljosevic, Nathaniel MacDonald

Comics You Can Dance To is Comics Bulletin's official podcast!

Hosted by Nathaniel MacDonald and Danny Djeljosevic (that's me) and supported by various jokers and guests, Comics You Can Dance To is devoted to discussing cool comics, pop culture nonsense and hopefully introducing you to some awesome music along the way.

Yes, after three episodes we've opted for the ever-popular reboot that's been going around these days. After some discussion, we decided to change the name of the podcast from the controversial (but hilarious) Comics for the Blind to the safer (but also way cooler) Comics You Can Dance To. With maturity comes a structure! And music!

Consider those first three episodes demos or something, I guess. Listen at the player thingie below, or click here to download


Here are some of the things we talked about!

David He lives in my apartment, but he's also super, duper opinionated about video games. In exchange for some upcoming writing in CB's video games section, I let David come on the podcast and rant a bit about Batman: Arkham City while Nate and I made jokes about Penguin's (kinda dumb) cockney accent.

Matthew Z. Rios and I talked about customer etiquette at the comic shop. There's always been talk of bad comic shop employees, but there are also bad customers. Listen in and make sure YOU'RE not one of them!


These are the comics we talked about!

Rafael Gaitan checked in to talk about comics with us.

Here's what came up:


Sandman Vol. 2: The Doll's HouseBlack Metal Volume 2

Frank Castle: The Punisher: Six Hours To KillOptic Nerve #12


Here's the playlist for this episode!

I'm real excited to finally have music happenin' on the podcast, which is something we wanted since the demo days but only just got your shit together (appropriately, in time for the reboot).

So here's the stuff you heard in this episode, carefully chosen and edited by Notable Beast.


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