Comics You Can Dance To #2: Jason Sacks and the Upright Timestream

A column article, Comics You Can Dance To by: Danny Djeljosevic, Nathaniel MacDonald

Comics You Can Dance To is Comics Bulletin's official podcast!

Hosted by Nathaniel MacDonald and Danny Djeljosevic (that's me) and supported by various jokers and guests, Comics You Can Dance To is devoted to discussing cool comics, pop culture nonsense and hopefully introducing you to some awesome music along the way.

This episode's a couple days late, and for that I apologize. Shit happens, y'know? What I don't apologize for is all of my seemingly random references to sitcoms. Sometimes the mind gets... fixations.

This week our special guest is Jason Sacks, Publisher and Owner of Comics Bulletin! He's a super-cool dude (and not just because he lets us run afoul of the comics industry and record decadent podcasts) and as much in love with comics as we are. You'll see what we mean when you hear our conversation.


Matthew Z. Rios checks in for another Tales From Re...tail. We realized we were a touch too negative about comic book shop customers, so we tried to cover some positive things patrons can do to make things better for everyone.

And, as always, Rafael Gaitan joins us for some weekly comic talk.

Listen at the player thingie below, or click here to download!

Here are the comics we talked about!

We also discussed Aaron Diaz's DC Comics reboots. Which look awesome.


Here's the playlist for this episode!

Music for this episode was curated by Notable Beast. Click on the links to check out the artists and/or full versions of the songs.


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