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This week’s question is as follows:-

” Which character do you wish you’d created and why and/or which comic do you wish you’d written?”

Vince Moore:

The characters I wished I had created are The Fantastic Four. It’s the perfect concept: a team of adventurers and heroes who also are a family. The contrast between familial interpersonal conflicts and teamwork can lead to endless sources of drama. Plus the go anywhere, dare anything attitude of the group just opens itself up to ideas. Even now, I find myself haunted by ideas that could be just right for the FF.

Vince Moore is the writer of Platinum Publishing’s upcoming book, Kid Victory & The Funky Hammer.

Alonzo Washington:

It would be Batman because he is just so damn cool. Although, I would have made him be Black. He would truly be a dark knight if I had my way.

Alonzo Washington is the creator of Omega Man and a noted black rights campaigner.

Alan Grant:

For many years I wished I had created the Silver Surfer, most tortured of all superheroes. For me, the whole Galactus trip was one of the best and most original ideas to ever appear in a comic. Then I got the chance to write an issue. Despite my lifelong love of the character, the script turned out to be pish. The artist drew it lying on a beach in Acapulco, so the art was pretty pish as well.

The comic I wish I’d written was a good version of Silver Surfer!

Alan Grant is maybe most famous for his Batman and Judge Dredd work, and his classic EPIC series The Last American is due out imminently from Com.X as a trade for the first time.

Stephen Holland:

Which character do I wish I’d created?

God. The royalties would be enormous.

Which comic do I wish I’d written?

Nothing at Marvel or DC before 1990. The royalties would be non-existent.

Stephen Holland runs Page 45 – a comic shop in Nottingham – with Mark Simpson and Tom Rosin. He can also be found, monthly, in Comics International.

Rob Williams:

Too many to name. The cynic in me says whichever character has made their creator the most money over the years. From a creative point of view, though, I marvel at the distinctive nature and misleading simplicity of a character like Hellboy. It’d be cool to come up with something like that, whereby you take one look at the character on the page and you immediately know who it is. He’s big, red, has a tail, a large stone fist, broken off horns, billy goat hair under his chin. He is a visual trademark in his own right, and then Mignola’s writing gives him so much character and so many great stories…. and he has a movie coming out. So, for creative and financial reasons, Hellboy would’ve been good.

Which comic do I wish I’d written? Dark Knight Returns must’ve made Frank Miller a few bob. That’d do.

Rob Williams is the writer of Cla$$war for Com.X, Family for the Judge Dredd Megazine, a bunch of stuff for 2000AD, including the upcoming Low Life, and Star Wars Tales for Dark Horse.

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