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This week, we're talking to Becky & Frank, a.k.a. Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson a.k.a. the creators of the webcomic Tiny Kitten Teeth and the art project Capture Creatures and a handful of other things, including [WEBCOMIC TITLE REDACTED].

Nate is pals with them, so it was a fun conversation where we discussed not only their work and the dizzying blur of the convention experience, but also the bliss of interviewing Hulk Hogan.

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We hang out with Comics Bulletin Co-Managing Editor and Paranoid Video podcaster Nick Hanover!


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Here are the comics/pop culture things we talked about!


If you want to see the terrible art in Action Comics #8, check out my review of the issue.

Basically, we compare that above awful close-up of flying Superman to this creepy Korean comic.

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