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This week, we spend the entire episode chattin' it up with Nick Hanover, co-managing editor of Comics Bulletin. Basically, we had a gap in the schedule and thought it might be fun to talk to some of the people who make Comics Bulletin a thing that happens on the Internet. Since he's a guy we know, we had a sprawling conversation about pop culturey shit including comics, Jerry Lewis' lost Holocaust tearjerker, how the Something Awful comics forums are actually pretty legit and the type of mentality that's ruining comics readership.

And we goofed around with this sound effect box I have. A lot.

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Later This Week

We have a special bonus episode where Comics Bulletin Publisher Jason Sacks interviews Red Hood & the Outlaws writer Scott Lobdell about all sorts of controversial things.


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Show Notes

  • There's a weird cut around 20 minutes in — there was supposed to be a song in there, but we forgot. Whoops! To simulate the intended experience, pause the podcast and play "Voodoo" by Godsmack for 30 seconds, because that shit is funny to us.
  • You can read the gloriously insane Doom comic for free here.
  • If you've never heard of Jerry Lewis' The Day the Clown Cried, please enjoy.


Here are the comics/pop culture things we talked about!





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