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Hosted by Viscount Lucius Bloodleisure and The Lifeform from the Abysmal Body of Water (that's me) and supported by various creatures and victims, Comics You Can Die To is devoted to discussing horrifying comics, pop culture darkness and hopefully introducing you to some soul-digesting music along the way.

This week we captured two hapless bespectacled interviewers who, at our whims, interviewed KC Green, creator of the dark and delicious webcomic Gunshow and, in the process, discussed the work of Junji Ito and Josh Simmons (scary) and the various cartoons based on the work of stage magicians Siegfried and Roy (not scary). We then subjected them to ruthless pop culture talk where they discussed their favorite horror comics.

It was pretty evil.



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  • Jump to 0:06:13 for our interview with KC Green
  • Jump to 0:56:19 for the weekly comics/pop culture talk!
  • Jump to 1:16:01 for this episode's featured song!



Comics You Can Drink Blood To

We invented a drinking game for the podcast! A pack of edible peasants to Nails Jacobian for coming up with the best possible name for it.

If you need to be filled with intoxicating sanguination to listen to us (hey, I'm not judging), drink every time:

  • Viscount Bloodleisure or The Lifeform forget the name of something
  • Viscount Bloodleisure gets an incantation wrong
  • The Lifeform promises to lend Viscount Bloodleisure a tome that Bloodleisure hasn't read
  • There's an interminable lull, followed by an evil laugh 
  • Viscount Bloodleisure and The Lifeform get distracted by something happening outside of the castle
  • Someone refers to another podcast
  • The Lifeform cannot describe why he likes a comic
  • The Lifeform spells out his name in a singsong fashion
  • Viscount Bloodleisure and/or The Lifeform address Angorrrrrr the podcast editor
  • Viscount Bloodleisure says "And now for the wailing of souls."

Finish your drink:

  • Whenever Viscount Bloodleisure and The Lifeform bring attention to the fact that they record the podcast out of order


Here's the slaylist for this episode!

Music for Comics You Can Die To is curated by Unimportant Human. The theme song is "Screaming in the Darkness" by Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls.

As for the rest… click on the links to check out the artists and/or full versions of the songs.


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