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  1. Malefic  Cover Image


    You can't ask for a more beautifully produced collection of fantasy art than Malefic --a collection of gothic and science fiction paintings by the Spanish illustrator Luis Royo.

    Comic Review Article Jason Sacks January 6, 2010
  2. Missing Out Cover Image

    Missing Out

    The trouble with being determined to make a new start at the start of a New Year is that, in the early stages of that alleged “New Start” for all intents and purposes you’re still the same person, with the same knowledge and experience as you were last year.

    Column Article Regie Rigby January 5, 2010
  3. Tales of Fantasy #48 Cover Image

    Tales of Fantasy #48

    One of the very great things about the small press is that it allows creators to explore ideas and characters over the years.

    Comic Review Article Jason Sacks January 4, 2010