Crisis In Continuity, Part IIISunday With The Super-Heroes (and Spoilers abound!)

There is no crisis in continuity in this week’s column, because all is right in the DC Universe. Just check out the last page of Infinite Crisis #4. Many of us are convulsing with glee (that may not be a pleasant visual, but, believe me, it feels good!).

Sure, this is a bad time for the superheroes. The universe is changing. Intergalactic wars are being raged. Villains are on the rampage. Cities are being destroyed. Friendships are splintering (while, to be fair, a few tarnished relationships are healing). Superheroes are being slaughtered. There are struggles, crises, everywhere.

But that’s okay.

After all, this isn’t teatime with the superheroes.

This is epic adventure, action, and conflict. This is about good versus evil, life and death, tragedy and triumph. This is what reading superhero comics is all about. And DC has it running at breakneck speed on all cylinders.

Everything in the current DC Universe is connected at this moment, linked to catastrophic situations happening now and astounding events in the recent past. For example, Infinite Crisis #4 is linked to Nightwing #116, Firestorm #21, Gotham Central, and Day of Vengeance: Infinite Crisis Special. Aquaman #38 is linked to Infinite Crisis #3. Green Lantern #7 is linked to Infinite Crisis #1. Teen Titans #31 is linked to Infinite Crisis #4 and every dead DC character recently returned to life. Green Arrow #58 is linked to Identity Crisis and Identity Crisis is linked to Catwoman and Catwoman is linked to JLA #115-119. Hawkman #48 is linked to the Rann-Thanagar War. Superman #225 is linked to Donna Troy’s recruitment drive that has crossed over into numerous DC books, including The Outsiders, Firestorm, and JSA. And if ever there was a time to reread Crisis On Infinite Earths, this is it.

There are hardly any footnotes in the above books to keep track of all the tie-ins; the best I’ve been able to do is read as many DC Universe titles as I can and keep notes and hope I’m correctly connecting all the dots. It’s how I spent most of this past Sunday, while breaking away at key points to root for the Seahawks and the Steelers.

Speaking of Donna Troy, what an aborted comeback. Given the amount of time, space and attention spent on the former Titan’s recruitment drive of DC superheroes to help her combat the expanding threat at the new center of the universe, it simply amazes me what a total failure it became. She and her crew got all the way out there simply to stare at that big old cosmic pimple of white nothingness grow and grow. When it finally burst and you could see Alexander Luthor’s outstretched arms and his triumphant voice crying, “It is undone!”, I couldn’t help but think, “Man, all that trouble for nothing.” Earth-2 is back, just as Alex planned and hoped, and Donna and her fellow superheroes have been flung about in different directions (apparently the blast fatally wounded Firestorm, as depicted in Firestorm #21).

Upon finally learning what Alexander Luthor was striving to accomplish, it’s not even like I wanted Donna to succeed. I have no problem with Earth-2 returning! Now, if she and her crew can stop Alex before he returns more Earths and creates a new multiverse that he plans to rule, that would be great; then the recruitment drive will have been worth it. But right now it stands as one dismal undertaking (thank goodness!).

But Donna will rebound. I really feel confident now that DC knows what it’s doing. I’m done being skeptical. I’m just going to enjoy the ride.

One final note: After reading Infinite Crisis #4, I started thinking about Grant Morrison’s version of Earth-2 that he introduced into the DC Universe a few years back. How did that world fit into the overall scheme of things, if at all? Well, after reading JLA: Earth-2 for the first time in years I realized it wasn’t all that complicated. In that story the Luthor of a mirror/anti-matter universe calls the DC Universe he has just discovered “Earth-2.” So the universe of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika is set apart from events in Infinite Crisis and while still in existence (I’m assuming), it currently plays no vital role.

It pays to go back and read these stories!

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