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This week’s question is as follows:-

“If you weren’t working in the comics field, what would be your dream profession?”

Vince Moore:

Now I will totally expose myself a geek with this question. If I haven’t done so before now.

My number one dream profession, of course, is being a hero. By my definition, that includes Superman, Doc Savage, Flash Gordon, Gandhi, Einstein, and Hugh Hefner. In fact, I would be a mix of Superman, Doc Savage, Doctor Who, Doctor Strange, and Hugh Hefner.

My other dream profession would be a mathematician. I love science and math.

Vince Moore is the writer of Platinum Publishing’s upcoming book, Kid Victory & The Funky Hammer.

Alonzo Washington:

If I wasn’t working in the comic book business I would probably have another line of business I would be working in. I am a nonconformist so it is impossible for me to have normal job. I already do so many other things. I am an activist, public speaker, toy maker & columnist. However, the comic book stuff pays the bills. Being an activist does not pay anything. God blesses you and that’s your payment. So maybe I would be a politician. However, money normally corrupts them. Politicians are not to be trusted. Therefore, like I said I think I would be an entrepreneur in another way.

Alonzo Washington is the creator of Omega Man and a noted black rights campaigner.

Alan Grant:

Political assassin.

Alan Grant is maybe most famous for his Batman and Judge Dredd work, and his classic EPIC series The Last American is due out imminently from Com.X as a trade for the first time.

Clifford Meth:

I’ve thought about opening a part-time gynecology practice for years. But all you see is worst-case scenarios… I’ve also considered becoming a stripper. I *know* I have a great body because I overheard a women at the office the other day; when I walked be, she said, “What an ass.”

Clifford Meth is loved by Harlan Ellison, hated by Gary Groth, and doesn’t know which is a greater distinction. His current book is god’s 15 minutes.

Stephen Holland:

Landscape gardener.

It’s true.

The only thing I can think of more rewarding than working with the public, behind a counter in the centre of a city, is working as far away from there as possible, surrounded by nature… and then hammering it into shape.

It’s the old nature/nurture argument in its purest form.

Plus I’d get a tan, even in England.

Stephen Holland runs Page 45, a comic shop in Nottingham, England, with Mark Simpson and Tom Rosin. He has a monthly column in Comics International, and appears perennially as a small Japanese Maple in West Bridgford.

Scott Allie:

I should’ve been something useful, like a goatherd or a dirt farmer, or maybe a traveling cowboy minstrel. I guess there’s still time.

Scott Allie edits and writes for Dark Horse – a trade of The Devil’s Footprints is just out, and is not only a superb collection but is an excellent story too.

Donna Barr:

Geology. I would like to be dealing with things that are at least as hard as my own head.

Donna Barr has books and original art at www.stinz.com, webcomics at www.moderntales.com, www.girlamatic.com, and has POD at www.booksurge.com Nothing she won’t try, at least once.

Jesse Leon McCann:

Playboy photographer.

Jesse Leon McCann is currently editing the fourth Simpsons TV Episode Guide for Bongo Comics/Harper Perennial, writing several stories for DC Comics’ Kids Line, and Scooby-Doo books for Fisher Price and Scholastic, Inc.

Kwanza Osajyefo:

Man this is a weird one for me because making comics is my dream profession. I’ve got Marvel/DC ambitions baby! That’s where I want funkyComics to be in two years, so until I achieve that, this is a dream to me. But to entertain the intention of the question; the things that I do, in tandem with my company, are new media development and clothing design. I really dig making Web sites and creating clothes, so if I could do more of that for a living it would be satisfactory.

Hmm… I think I would also love to be a video game tester. My thumbs are mad callused, so endless hours of button mashing and then telling people what sucks about their game is right up my alley.

I would also like to be mayor of New York City, but I think I’m too young right now. I’ll undoubtedly run for office in the future.

Kwanza Osajyefo is the founder of funkyComics, home to Jim’s Ninja and a number of other forthcoming comic book properties.

Vito Delsante:

If I wasn’t working in comics, I’d love to do one of the following:

1. Teaching – I’ve had some really great teachers in my life, and I feel like nothing would be more fulfilling than imparting some kind of wisdom…not the stuff you get in books. I had one teacher who taught me more about being a human being than any tv show or family member could.

2. Movies – I have a real affinity for film, and I was on my way to being an actor when comics called. So, I’d just go back to that.

3. Super Hero – Hey, I was asked to dream, right? Dream out loud and in bright colors, I always say.

Vito Delsante is currently pitching his creator owned mini-series, “The Mercury Chronicles”, with artist Jim Muniz. He can be seen in June’s “Batman Adventures Vol 2: Shadows and Masks” from DC Comics and in a forthcoming issue of X-Men Unlimited.

Brandon Thomas:

Tough one. I have a degree in Psychology, and always saw that as something I’d be incredibly interested in doing…if I never got to write. The longer I worked at it, the more I realized that I needed to write, despite how rewarding being a clinical psychologist might be. The creative end of me would probably rule out eventually, and I’d considered going to film school for a while, so I’d probably enjoy doing that. Writing, producing, directing my own films. Might even try my hand at acting too. I’d be cool with that.

Brandon Thomas is one of the writers of Spider-Man Unlimited #3, scripter of Youngblood, creator of Cross and long-time Ambidextrous columnist.


My dream has always been to make it as a professional writer. Whether that includes the comics industry or not, the vision has always been about writing novels, poems, plays and screenplays and every other conceivable format and genre and style. I have never stopped writing and creating and continue to pursue that dream every day. I get a piece of it now with my daily web strip, where I both draw and write, but it just isn’t enough. There are stories to be told and visions to unfold and I can think of no greater satisfaction than knowing that you are able to survive and support your family and your lifestyle on the strength of your creative vision and discipline in putting forth that view and leaving a lasting legacy that will hopefully endure and bring enjoyment beyond your own existence.

j.hues is the Public Relations & Marketing Manager for FUTURE ENTERTAINMENT. Creator of the daily webstrip “Rolling With The Punches Volume 2”, he has at various times in the past been a columnist, news editor, and manager of Missouri’s largest comics shop. His current shop is available online at his link.

William Tucci:

“If I weren’t working in the comics field (which is a dream in of itself), my dream profession would be to command a US Army Special Forces Group. I’ve had the privilege to serve in the in the 19th SFG and were I met the greatest and most honorable individuals I’ll ever know. Of course, I could never deserve the distinction and responsibility for such a position but you did ask for a ‘dream profession’.

2004 Celebrates Billy and Shi’s 10th Anniversary with a new bi-monthly mini series from Dark Horse “Ju-Nen” beginning this May.

Josh Howard:

Definitely something in the area of film, probably screenwriting or editing. It’s the only other profession I seriously considered besides comics.

Josh Howard is the writer and artist of well-received ‘indie’ book Dead@17 for Viper Comics, the second series of which has just started.


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