Continuing the original script for the never-published Duela Dent / Harlequin series that would have run in THE VIXEN If you haven’t read last week’s column, it would be prudent to do so before continuing with this one.

(from Page 3, Panel 6)
HARLEQUIN #3 (thot): But I wonder what those two would say if they knew…


Panel 1: [Now we see Harlequin’s Volks going down a four-lane highway. There’s a sign reading NEW YORK – 60 MILES.]
HARELQUIN (thot): …that the frightening woman so interested in TWO-FACE is HIS DAUGHTER!

Panel 2: [FLASHBACK! See TEEN TITANS #48, page 2, panel 2. Gilda dent is carrying baby Duela in one hand and a suitcase in the other.]
CAPTION [Harlequin’s head inset]: “A daughter whose mother was driven away by her husband’s mania—“
BOTTOM CAPTION: “—his obsession with the number TWO could not allow him to love or even accept ONE child!”

Panel 3: [FLASHBACK! Gilda Dent is sitting in a chair with eight-year-old Duela on her lap. There is a photo of an unscarred Harvey Dent on the table next to them. Duela is pointing at the picture.]
CAPTION: “But Momma always loved him and kept his secret from me for years – praying for the day when he would be cured…”
DUELA: Momma – when is Daddy coming home?
GILDA: Someday, Duela… someday soon!

Panel 4: [FLASHBACK! Now seventeen years old, Duela is shocked, comparing a magazine page photo of Two-Face to the photo on the table. Same scene as previous panel, just ten years later.]
CAPTION: “But it was a secret I seemed destined to discover—“
DUELA(thot): It-It’s UNBELIEVABLE! My father is…TWO-FACE!!

Panel 5: [Montage panel across the bottom of the page. The montage shows The Joker’s Daughter battling Robin atop the Hudson University Unispan (from BATMAN FAMILY #6); Joker’s Daughter with the Teen Titans (TT #48, page 2, panel 4); and Harlequin in her present costume battling Captain Calamity (TT #52, page 4, panel 3).]
CAPTION: “From that day, I vowed that at least one member of the Dent family would serve the side of the law – to atone for the sins of my father…”
BOTTOM CAPTION: “First by becoming THE JOKER’S DAUGHTER to learn ROBIN’s secret identity –
“#2: “—which proved to him I was a worthy recruit for the Teen Titans…
“#3 “…where I changed to my HARLEQUIN identity and perfected my act before they broke up!”



Panel 1: [Back to the present. Now we see Duela Dent getting out of her Volks in a New York City parking lot. She is getting a numbered ticket from the parking attendant. In the background is a sign showing the outlandish parking rates and another that reads NEW YORK’S MOST CONVENIENT PARKING LOT. It is daytime.]
DUELA(thot): Call it a vendetta…or maybe just the desire to keep it “in the family” – but I feel obligated to bring Daddy back whenever he escapes!
“#2(thot): Sure, BATMAN or one of the other big names could wrap him up just as fast – but THEY usually wait till he pulls something!

Panel 2: [Close on Duela flipping through a phone book.]
DUELA(thot): I’m determined to stop him BEFORE he starts!
“#2(thot): Hmmm… so many possibilities –

Panel 3: [Her ‘bag of tricks” doubling as a pocketbook, we see that Duela has disguised herself, placing a short-cut blonde wig on her head. She’s wearing a man-tailored suit with a scarf and boots.]
DUELA(thot): — only thing to do is check them all out…but NOT as Duela Dent!
“#2(thot): Daddy would recognize me in a minute!

Panel 4: [Weary-looking Duela, still in the blonde wig, is on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, looking southward at the city. The World Trade towers are in the distance. The sun is setting.]
CAPTION: But, after an exhausting day all over the BIG APPLE…
DUELA(thot): Whew! I’ve checked everything from SECOND-hand furniture stores to DOUBLE-dip ice cream parlors…
“#2(thot): …and come up with ZIPPO!

Panel 5: [Now focus over Duela’s shoulder as she stares at the World Trade towers.]
DUELA(thot): I don’t think there’s ANYWHERE in this city I haven’t checked…
“#2(thot): …except…the WORLD TRADE CENTER –

Panel 6: [Now we’re in the lobby of the World Trade Center. Duela is still in the blonde disguise, staring at the building directory.]
CAPTION: “—otherwise known as the TWIN towers!”
DUELA(thot): Curious! One firm has TWO offices – one in each of the towers… and BOTH with the same number!
“#2(thot): It’s worth checking –



Panel 1: [Now we’re upstairs in one of the Towers. Don’t make it too obvious, but the office Duela is breaking into is 2222. The office is dark inside.]
DUELA(thot): Looks like nobody’s home here –

Panel 2: [In the darkened office, Duela is staring out the window across at the other Tower. There is one window lit and it is directly opposite the room she is in. We can see into the lit office and there is someone sitting at a desk. Duela is removing her blonde wig here.]
DUELA(thot): — but somebody is burning the midnight oil in the firm’s OTHER office…

Panel 3: [Series of tight vertical panels across the middle of the page showing Duela turning her outfit into the Harlequin costume. The wig is turned inside out to show purple hair. The scarf becomes her neck-ruffle. The suit jacket turns inside out to become her top. The slacks unzip at the sides and fold back to show the Harlequin design inside.]
DUELA(thot): …and the odds are TWO-TO-TWO…
“#2(thot): …that the “late worker” over there…
“#3(thot): …is really the ONLY member of the firm –

Panel 4: [Across the bottom of the page. Give us a nice dramatic shot looking down at the street far below as Harlequin swings via rope from the one office towards the lighted window in the other Tower.]
HARLEQUIN (thot): — none other than ‘DEAR OLD DAD”!


Next week, the concluding portion of this never-before-seen script.
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1. Invariably, who made “life” miserable for Casper?
2. Daniel’s sibling Jericho visited Papa Jambo and became what hero?
3. One issue carried his name before The Human Torch took over the title; name him.
4. Newly-formed, The X-Men faced “Telford Porter,” who was better known by what name?
5. “The Tuff Little Ghost” describes what character?
6. Driving around with a parrot named Gabby, who took passengers between planets?
7. RED RAIN pitted the Dark Knight against what foe?
8. In an attempt to learn The Comet’s secrets, what guise did Bob Brooks adopt?
9. Neron turned who into a real devil who was later killed by The Mist with holy water?
10. Kung-fu was fading when DC finally launched what character’s comic book career?
11. Who was known as “Hollywood’s Glamorous Detective Star”?
12. In a rocket designed by her future husband, Sue was exposed to cosmic rays and became what?
13. Nose placed above his eyes in one version; who is this classic character?
14. EERIE’s companion magazine was what?

1. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.
2. The average secretary’s left hand does 56 percent of the typing.
3. A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.


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