Of the multitude of characters you’ve written over the years, do you have favorites? Any chance you’ll do a story or two for DC in the near future?
— Kevin OBrien (thefreedomfighters@yahoo.com)

I’d have to rank those characters I created or co-created — ‘Mazing Man, the Hero Hotline gang, Mister E, and Duela Dent — among my favorites. There’s something special about carving your own little niche in comics history that way.

Of the others, I enjoyed writing Air Wave, Freedom Fighters, and the “Secret Years” tales of Superman because, while they were firmly entrenched in the DC Universe, I had the freedom to take them where I wanted to.

As for doing some work for DC. I’ve just completed the scripts for two special projects tying in with the OnStar / Batman promotion. One is an online interactive comic pitting Batman against the Penguin in a story that follows up on a soon-to-be-seen TV commercial; the other is an auto show giveaway chronicling Mr. Freeze’s attempts to ice all the roads of Gotham City.

In the more traditional comics arena, I wrote a two-part SUPERMAN ADVENTURES story (featuring Professor Hyatt, the Time Pool, and the Silent Knight) that is part of editor Joey Cavalieri’s inventory.

Not really a question, but did you know about ‘Mazing Man’s appearance in one of last month’s Justice Leagues project? While I wish they would have actually done something with the Justice League of Anarchy, it was cool to see him and Ambush Bug again.
— Raymond Neal (raymondneal@yahoo.com)
How do you feel about the recent JLA 5th week event placing ‘Mazing Man in the DCU? Frankly, I think he needs to join the JLA proper!
— James Dracoules (Scryber96@aol.com)

I’m flattered to see ‘Maze popping up now and then (despite the mis-colored helmet in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMAZONS), meaning there are still some people who remember him fondly. Unfortunately, proposals from artist/co-creator Stephen DeStefano and myself to bring him back have been turned down, so it is only the occasional cameo you can look forward to.

As for his inclusion in the DCU, ‘Maze was placed there in the epilogue to KINGDOM COME: His helmet is in a display case on the very last page of the book.

For the record, ‘Maze has made two additional appearances that I did not have a hand in. One was in last year’s WORLD’S FUNNEST The other was back in 1986 in DC CHALLENGE, the only one in which he actually had any dialogue. He said, “I don’t belong here.” I have to agree with his sentiments; the world of ‘Mazing Man does not have any real super-heroes running around in it.

1. Having dinner with Billy Joel in an Italian restaurant might have been which ‘Mazing Man co-stars?
2. Aunt to a former Metropolis football star and Mystery Analyst; who is she?
3. Lifelong crime career was launched when the Red Hood swam through toxic waste dumped by what company?
4. Living with kryptonite, John Corben needed it to replace what?
5. Mom and Dad to Jennie-Lynn Hayden; who are they?
6. A cry of “Woo Woo” would mean you could expect who to show up?
7. Romance blossomed in what 1949 book which featured Betty Page on the cover of its second (and last) issue?
8. ‘Kay, tell me what hero Travis Morgan was mistaken for?
9. DARK MANSION and SINISTER HOUSE featured what in their first incarnations?
10. A hit for Seal, what was the “theme” of one of the Batman movies?
11. You’ve heard this one before: When DC crossed genres in 1949, what title featured a photo of Jimmy Wakely?

1. Rudolph Valentino was rated the #1 male movie star in 1924 and 1925.
2. Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders were the crew of Apollo 8, the first manned spacecraft to orbit the moon.
3. Eleven different comic books with ROMANCE or ROMANTIC as the first word of the title began publication in 1949.


If you can stand more about the iron-in-the-blood discussion, the first mention of it I remember was back in AVENGERS #110 (January, 1973). In this, Magneto says that he was able to hypnotize people by controlling the flow of blood to the brain by manipulating the iron in the bloodstream. I believe he was shown in flashback defeating the X-Men with this trick, and went on to use it against some of the Avengers.

Of course, that’s what I remember, but my memory could be a little rusty.
— Howard Margolin (DoctorOHM@aol.com)

Thanks, Howard. Would that be the iron in your blood that’s getting rusty? If so, would Magneto’s manipulation still work?

How come nobody in the American comics biz references European comic books?
— Paulo Costa (darkmasters@mail.telepac.pt)

SBC Editor-in-Chief Jason Brice provides the answer to this question:
“I run news frequently of English comics (those actually published in the UK) and I have written items on the French publisher SEMIC on at least three occasions in the last six months. We have news and reviews of comics originating from Australia and New Zealand almost weekly.
SBC is a very international site – US citizens are in a minority right now… lots of Brits, Canadians, and the odd Kiwi too 🙂 “

Jason added that you (and any our readers) are welcome to forward any news of Eurpoean comics to him.

I would like to get back issues of THE 7 GUYS OF JUSTICE. Do you know if the creator or publisher has a website I can order from?
 Tom Flynn (azbat80@hotmail.com)

Writer/creator Brian Joines recently issued a press release saying False Idol Studios, the publisher, would not be soliciting new issues in Diamond’s PREVIEWS for two months, after which the book will appear bi-monthly. “Our mistake was waiting to see if the book was going to go over well before we started producing additional issues. When it debuted on a national level and the numbers started coming in, we had to attempt to play catch-up, all the while soliciting new issues. What we’re doing now is not only catching up but also getting ahead of ourselves, so that within four or five months we can go back to being monthly and not have it be the crisis it’s been.”

You can contact Brian at DarqueGuy@aol.com about back issues. And, of course, you can order current and upcoming issues from Comics Unlimited through SBC. Not only that, if you order any this week, you get 10% off. [The same discount applies for everyone whose comments and letters appear here this week.]


Is it possible to record from a computer to reel-to-reel?
 Randy (rorent@netscape.net)

I presume you’re talking about transferring an audio file, so the simplest way would be to place a microphone in front of the computer speaker. Beyond that, I’m sure someone has an electronic hook-up that works and maybe that someone reads this column and will enlighten you.

What can you tell me about the history, legend and reality of the Silver Bullet.?
— O. Lee (Ocrillo@iBoxCentral.com)

Well, let’s see: The Lone Ranger was famous for his silver bullets. A silver bullet can kill a werewolf. And it is the nickname for a can of Coor’s Lite beer.

Perhaps SBC editor-in-chief Jason Brice would care to comment about how this site got the name?

Do you know of any sites where I can download famous voices (eg. Homer Simpson) to put onto my mobile phone answering machine? (Homer saying, “Sorry, please leave a message after the tone” or something like that.)
— john (homerjsimpson89@hotmail.com)

It’s said that you can find just about anything on the internet if you’re willing to spend the time looking. But a site like the one you are seeking would violate copyright laws, so you’re on your own trying to find it… and using anything on it is at your own risk.

I am trying to find dog names that were or are used in comic books. Do you know where I can find such lists. The older the better.
 Tank (zenone@email.msn.com)

Well, there’s Krypto, Ace the Bathound, Pooch (from the Gunner & Sarge series), Lassie, Buster Brown’s Tige, Orphan Annie’s Sandy, Snoopy, Huckleberry Hound, Augie Doggy, Goofy, Pluto, Rex the Wonder Dog, Rin Tin Tin, and probably a whole bunch more that I’ll think of after posting this column.

How do you pronounce your name? And what is its provenance?
— Aldo Alvarez (adalvarez@aol.com)

It’s pronounced roe-ZACK-iss. My paternal grandfather was one of eleven children born to the family in a small town outside Sparta, Greece.

That’ll do it for this week’s foray into the emailbox. See you in seven days.

‘Tis a time for romance as Valentine’s Day arrives this week.
1. Eddie and Brenda Valentine
2. Kaye Daye
3. The Monarch Card Company
4. His heart
5. Alan Scott and Rose Forrest
6. Etta Candy & the Holliday Girls
8. Green Arrow
10. Kiss From a Rose

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