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Welcome back to The Flying Fist Ranch, home of Busted Knuckles. My take on what’s manly in comics and pop culture. Your education on all that it testosterone filled.

This week I’m gonna go with my new Busted Knuckles feature?Five Manly Questions With?

This time I had the pleasure of talkin’ to one of my best friends in comics and in the world?

Chuck Dixon

At 6 feet 4 inches tall and over 200 and some pounds, Chuck is always an imposing figure. With hands the size of catcher’s mitts, forearms like that of Popeye the sailor and a reach that ya just can’t get away from. Chuck looks like the brick wall that walks like a man. Much to his dismay I call him The Great Silver Wookie? that’s when I’m out of arm’s reach of course.

Chuck is the only person in my writing career that I’ve ever co-written books with. We did the award winning Black Terror at Eclipse Comics, as well as Batman/Wildcat and Catwoman/Wildcat at DC Comics. We had fun and were always writing to double-cross each other with the stories. Check the back issue bins for these manly comics. You will not be sorry!

When Chuck left Guy Gardner: Warrior at DC he was kind enough to recommend me as his replacement on the book. It ended up bein’ some of the best two years of my career. I also owe Chuck for my first video game writing job?Maximo-The Army Of Zin. At the time Chuck was under exclusive contract with CrossGen and couldn’t take the job at Capcom so he suggested me for the job. I really appreciated that. It has paved the road to more video game work for me.

I owe the big guy.

Chuck and Beau in early years of their comic book careers…
Manly Male Bonding!

Ol’ Chuck is one of the most well rounded guys I know. There’s hardly a topic that he cannot discuss with expert like thoughts. Comics, films, guns, and all things that are manly. You’ll always enjoy talkin’ pop culture with Chuck. The two best things that I can say about Chuck is that he is a great family man and as a comic book creator he is always the professional. Ask any editor with any sack.

Chuck’s also got a great website that covers everything that he is up to and has all kinds of cool special features. It also has one of the best message boards in comics. Please take the time to grab a cold beer and visit Chuck’s website at It’s a manly place to be and to be seen.

Before we sit down with the big man I thought I’d let ya scan Chuck’s quick bio sheet that I managed to wrangle from the government’s Black Ops Files:

After years of working as a security guard, roofer, 7-11 store clerk, and ice cream truck driver, Chuck finally got his big break as a writer. His writing career began with children’s books. He wrote “Winnie the Pooh” and “Raggedy Ann and Andy” stories. He then moved on to something a little closer to comics writing, he started creating storyboards for TV commercials. His favorite? One for Alpo dog food. Finally, in 1985 his comics career officially started with his scripting of the title Evangeline for Comico. He has worked non-stop since that day, non-stop and at a breakneck pace. If his name seems familiar but you just can’t place it, take a look at almost any publisher’s catalog and you’ll see his name somewhere. He’s written for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Bongo Comics, First Comics, Now Comics, New Comics, and Eclipse Comics. Some of his many credits include his recent run on DC’s Nightwing, Birds of Prey, and Robin as well as Batman, Catwoman, Punisher, Moon Knight, Marvel Knights, Savage Sword of Conan, Superman/Aliens, Team 7, The Simpsons, Green Hornet, Racer X, Young Master, Alien Legion, Airboy, and many more. Some of these titles even featured collaborations with current CrossGen creators Greg Land, Drew Geraci, Butch Guice, Scot Eaton, and Ron Marz. Chuck’s crowning moment was the winning of a Wizard Fan Award for his work on Vengeance of Bane in 1992. Chuck is self-taught and learned to write by reading comics, where he cites Archie Goodwin as his biggest influence. But he also learned by reading novels from his favorite authors, Dashell Hammett, Ed McBain, and Cornell Woolrich.

It’s also been rumored that Chuck was seen at a comic book convention palming the head of a rowdy roughneck and dribblin’ his head downthe bar like a basketball. But then again?that’s only a rumor. No charges were filed.

I caught up with Chuck as he was arriving in a black government jet from a location that he told me that he couldn’t talk about. There were all kinds of secret lookin’ guys in dark suits that were hoverin’ around. I think I saw one of em’ salute Chuck as we were leavin’.

Enough of my jibber-jabber. Time to get to those Five Manly Questions With Chuck Dixon:

Beau: Chuck, my readers of Busted Knuckles wanna know what annoyin’ celebrity you’d like to smack in the head with a shovel.

Chuck: This question is unfair, Beau! There are so many! I’d guess that the current winner would be Ben Affleck. Though I’d suspect I’d have to wait in line.

Beau: Other than your own lovely wife, give us some names of some of the sexiest babes on the planet.

Chuck: My wife’s not gonna read this, right?? This is another constantly shifting list. BUT? Tea Leoni, Milla Jovovo(VOVOVO!!)vich, and Catherine Zeta Jones sure have what it takes.

Beau: Not a bad list at all, Chuck. (As I wipe the drool from my mouth) Okay? How about naming some manly movies that every real man should see?

Chuck: Sounds good. I’ve got a few that most every man should see.

  • Nobody’s Fool?Paul Newman stars in this one. It’s a movie about what it takes to be a man and about coming to peace with your own bad self. It’s a movie so male-Oriented that women can’t even understand it!
  • Rio Bravo?My favorite John Wayne western. You got the Duke, Dean Martin male bonding and kicking each other’s ass. Walter Brennan and Ward Bond also appear. It’s directed by Howard Hawks so you know it’s testosterone driven.
  • To Have and Have Not?Bogie and Bacall in their first movie together. Bogart plays a “who gives a crap” skipper of a deep sea fishing boat in Vichy-occupied Martinique. He doesn’t let a bunch of French Nazis push him around and gets the best of Bacall. Again, it’s Howard Hawks directing.

Beau: Fightin’ question, Chuck? Head butt or uppercut?

Chuck: Headbutting always seemed sissy to me. I have enough problems with my sinuses.

Beau: I see your point, amigo. Okay?name some of your latest and upcoming manly work so my readers can steal some money out of their mother’s purse while she’s out playin’ bingo. Name the publisher as well if possible.

Chuck: I’ve been REAL busy lately. I’ve been putting the JOE back in G.I. Joe Reloaded. They had an English guy writing it!! What’s THAT about?? Devil’s Due is the publisher there. I’m also doing The Iron Ghost for Across The Pond Comics (ATP). It’s about a guy who kills Nazis by the bushel load at the end of the Third Reich. It’s sort of The Shadow only set in Berlin? and MEANER. I’m still doing Richard Dragon for DC and the upcoming Nightwing Year One both with Scott McDaniel, a guy who draws a damn fine fight scene. The manliest of all my current projects is Wyatt Earp In Dodge for Moonstone. It’s a man’s man of a gunfighting story with Doc and Wyatt and Bat Masterson fighting and cussing and whoring their way through the Old West with great art by Enrique Villagran. To wrap it up there are a few other projects that I can’t talk about yet but I’ll soon be putting up news on them on my website

Chuck and his good buddy from all those Batman comics.

Before I could ask Chuck a manly sixth question one of the guys in the dark suits whispered something to Chuck and they got in an unmarked car and roared off the runway and into the black night. I did manage to hear the guy say?” Mr. Dixon, The President needs you.”

I don’t know what that was all about. But I figured it was manly.

Before I put my truck in gear and get the hell out of here myself I’ve got a few suggestions for ya. If ya get the chance to meet Chuck at a con, please do so. You’ll love talkin’ to him and learning about some of the great books he’s worked and working on. Check out his website because it’s got all kinds of great tips on writing comics. There’s a lesson to be learned there. And also, check out any of the books that Chuck has done. I promise ya you will not be let down. All his stuff is top notch and waitin’ for you. ‘Sides, he writes manly books and everybody needs manly books!

Until then, I’ll see ya next time. Lemme know if ya need anything and keep those cards, letters, emails and photos of cheerleaders a comin’.

I ain’t hard to find.

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