Geek: Gullible or feebleminded person. A disliked person. A devoted student.

That’s what the ol’ dictionary tells us. We’ve all got other meanings we can add to that list. It’s slang, so the meaning has a bunch of different branches to hang from. I used to think that the word geek was one that you slung on somebody right before you yanked their lunch money away from em’. Well, at one time it was. Thanks to the ever slouchin’ morals of tv, movies and comic books, we can all think of much more mean spirited names to tag on those not as manly as ourselves. Of course I am above all that. (You’d believe anything, wouldn’t ya?)

I am here to tell all of ya that we are all geeks. Everyone of us. In or out of the comic book world, is a geek about something. I’m here to move the word and meaning of geek to a new and higher level. To me, bein’ a geek for something is the same thing as sayin’ you really dig something. It means you have a strong passion for something. Passion for something that is healthy, something that you enjoy. Some people are geeks for saving money. That’s good. Some others are geeks for bein’ too fond of farm animals, that’s not good or healthy. Keep that one off your list.

My mom. bein’ the saint that she truly is, is a geek for mystery novels and has been ever since I can remember. My brothers, Mitch and Gig, along with my cousin Vince are geeks for home improvement chores. You can imagine how enthralled I am at family gatherings listenin’ to them get excited about watchin’ concrete dry. Then again, they think I’m one sandwich short of a picnic when I try and explain that Wynonna Earp fights trailer trash vampires.

I ‘m a geek about a lot of different things. Comic books, movies, and history books on the old west are just a few. I’m a geek for a good cold beer and cheeseburger with double cheese. I’m a geek for women. Especially the ones that don’t whack me upside the head after my first two words of conversation.

I decided that I’d ask a few of the pros in the comic book industry just what they geek out on. Here’s that report. Some of their answers might surprise ya. And yes? I really did ask em’ and these are they’re real answers.


Todd McFarlane: My wife and kids. Hockey. Muscle cars. And baseball.

Mike Carlin: Monty Python, Saturday Night Live (depending on the year) and comic books.

Tony Daniel: Drawing, fine art, cable tv, movies, Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls.

Adam Kubert: White Castle Cheeseburgers, cars and motors.

Andy Kubert: Stars Wars toys, home theater, antiques, and my wife and kids.

Jeff Smith: Baseball, movies, traveling to far away places, and Stonehenge.

Greg Capullo: Heavy Metal music, and weightlifting.

Chuck Dixon: Star Wars (Empire Strikes Back is the best), DVDs, toy soldiers, big bore handguns, my lovely wife and wonderful sons.

Art Adams: Godzilla, gorillas, gillmen, spaceships, and of course, the ladies.

Brad Gorby: Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe, The Dirty Pair, King Kong, and low budget sci-fi films.

Graham Nolan: Hardback Tarzan books, Doc Savage pulps, Jimmy Buffett music, John Wayne movies, and the New York Yankees.

Dwayne Turner: New York Knicks, Oliver Stone films, anything dealing with Muhammad Ali, and cars.

Jim Lee: Original Star Trek episodes, World War Two history, world history, modern sports cars, probability and statistics, gaming and gambling.) And Belly Bombers and fast food.

Ed McGuinness: God, my family, video games, pro wrestling and old adventure movies.

Scot Eaton: My lovely wife, weightlifting, pro wrestling, New York Giants, doughnuts with my dad.

Flint Henry: Warren Oates, Tea Leoni, Wally Wood, Dean Martin, Creature From The Black Lagoon, my friends, family, and a good martini.

Beau Smith: Old 12 inch G.I. Joes, Wyatt Earp, John Wayne, polar exploration, boxing, pro football, guns, my dogs, my family, my friends, Chicago Bears and me, me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me, and did I mention…ME?

As you can see there are some surprises and some things that you really didn’t wanna know. I have to say when I was askin’ these guys about bein’ geeks they all got really excited and I could see that they were havin’ a blast talkin’ about the things they love.

So ya see, bein’ a geek is a good thing. I’ve made it so. Next time someone calls ya a geek, shake their hand and thank em’. Unless they meant it in a bad way, then ya make em’ spill teeth like chicklets out of a cheap sack.

Now go and geek out on something!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to go to my website and check it out. I still need photos of you for my Manly Fans section, so get to sendin’ em’.

I ain’t hard to find.

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