Okay, if you’re a man then the title alone will draw you in like a fist to a bad guy’s face. I can testify that the title alone made me search it out. What I found was a very well made short film directed by Russ Emanuel and written by Emile Haris.

Girl With Gun is about a female assassin named Gwen Hunter A.K.A. Nightingale. (Tracy O’Connor) She is very good at what she does? killing people that aren’t all that nice. She wears a very attractive leather outfit kinda like what The X-Men wore in their movies. She fills it out to perfection without looking like a character in a Brian Pulido comic. She is one of the few strong, capable action film characters that has class both as an assassin and her alter ego.

Girl With Gun is a little over 14 minutes long and I found it incredible that so much was covered and shown in such a short amount of time. You not only got to know the main character, but the supporting cast as well. Emanuel and Haris pulled off character layering in 14 minutes what some A-List films can’t do in 2 hours. It seems that as an assassin, Gwen is in control and feels right at home taking out mob bosses and thugs. It’s her personal life that she has a little trouble controlling. Tracy O’Conner does a great job in showing both the hard “boot on your neck” side of Gwen as well as trying to juggle her love life, family and friends. There are very witty, fun moments as Gwen tries to enjoy a romantic dinner with her boyfriend and at the same time kill off a mob boss and fight off his wall crawling female Ninja enforcer (Michelle Lee).

The acting isn’t Oscar level, but then again I don’t care for half of the films that have won Oscars as of late. I think you will be very impressed at the level of acting that O’Conner and the others give. You will also find the directing to be extremely well done.

The best way to label this film is an action / romantic comedy / drama. The cinematography is excellent. If you look at the budget of this film I think you’ll really admire the work as I did. If you’ve ever published a comic book yourself you will truly be impressed because you’ve been down this road.

Girl With Gun has everything; an attractive cast, action, stunts, great props and a top-notch soundtrack with an original score by Neil Argo and songs by Jenni Alpert. There isn’t any of that cheesy music that so many other shorts or low budget movies have.

The box art / poster art images are as A-List as any major blockbuster film. The design is amazing and one that would attract anyone. The film has already won more than a handful of awards in the short film category and film festivals.

I suggest you check this film out and see for yourself why I recommend it as a manly Busted Knuckles movie. For more info on it and clips check out http://www.myspace.com/gwg_girlwithgun and http://gwg.russem.com.

As always, tell em’ Beau sent ya.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Barbara Eden
– actress

This week I’m going classic with the babe choice. Barbara Eden. Of course, most of you know her from her hit TV series I Dream Of Jeannie, but some of you may also remember her from her Elvis movie, some teen beach movies, and the Sci-Fi classic Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea. She has more acting range than anyone has given her credit for. She’s proved it many times over. Not only that, but he can dance, sing and has even done stand up comedy.

Barbara Eden is a perfect example of timeless beauty. She’s been the apple of everyone’s eye decade after decade. Even today she is a babe. When most folks think of babes they think of ones that are busty, leggy or know how to walk out of a room just right. Barbara Eden is one of the rare babes that are built perfect. Everything is in perfect order in all realms of beauty and body. Thank God she isn’t one of these modern clothes hangers with skin that we see starving on screen today.

You can never go wrong with a classic.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos #48
cover by John Severin, Marvel Comics 1967

As most of you know Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos is one of my all time favorite comic book series. The writing by Stan Lee and Gary Friedrich on these books were a huge influence on my own writing as any of you that have read them or my stuff know well.

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #48 is also one of my all time favorite comic stories. The cover is a testament to testosterone on the highest level. I always loved it when Fury and the Howlers faced their Nazi counterparts, The Blitzkrieg Squad. As a kid and even as an adult, I would rub my palms together in anticipation of the flying fists, gunfire and smart-ass remarks that I knew were gonna fly when these two teams met.

The first Nazi to lead The Blitz Squad was Baron Von Strucker. Other than Doctor Doom, Von Strucker was the great Marvel bad guy of all time. Later the equally crazy Colonel Klaue was put in charge of the squad. He was as much fun as Von Strucker and a great addition to fight Fury and the boys.

Each member of the Blitz Squad was the almost perfect equal to each member of the Howling Commandos? almost just ain’t good enough as Fury and the Howlers always came out on top.

Issue #48 is maybe the best John Severin cover of all. It is perfect in design and with adding a lot of characters without making it look crammed. If you only own one silver age comic then this is the one I would suggest you get. Trust me, you will thank me.

Save a country, thump a Nazi.

“Go Ahead, Knock It Off. I Dare Ya.”

I sure hope you’re old enough to remember that battery commercial that Robert Conrad did. The one where he had the battery on his shoulder and dared you to knock it off. It was one of the great moments of macho ever.

Without a doubt one of the greatest real men in Hollywood is Robert Conrad. Never has there been an actor less apologetic about being filled with testosterone than Robert Conrad. Why? Because there’s nothing to apologize for!

This past weekend I went into the depths of manly behavior and watched a marathon of Robert Conrad films and TV shows. I watched him in The Wild Wild West (great interview with Conrad in the latest issue of Starlog on sale now), Baa Baa Black Sheep, and an old episode of Columbo that I still had on VHS. Then I dug out some of his films that were more than great. Stuff like Murf The Surf, The Last Day, and Assassin.

I wish I had some of his other stuff on tape or DVD? stuff like A Man Called Sloane, The Duke, One Police Plaza, and the great TV movie Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy. These are just the first drops of steroids. Maybe one of Conrads greatest roles was in the huge TV mega hit maxi-series Centennial where he played the fur trapper Pasquinel. He was awesome in this role.

Some say Conrad is outspoken. I never thought that. I always thought he’s just really truthful and doesn’t care if you know it or not. In today’s world he is a breath of fresh air in the fact that he is a man and ain’t afraid to let you know it. Every interview that I’ve ever read about him he is always noted as being loyal and up front. Even people that didn’t like him admired that he was always upfront with them.

Today if you get a chance, get on http://www.imdb.com and type in his name. I think you’ll find some of his stuff that you’ve never heard of before. Try and check it out if you can. Also, if any of you Knuckleheads out there ever come across any of his old VHS tapes or DVDs lemme know. I’m always up for a trade.

The Roundup

That’ll do it for this week. I hope I steered ya into something you might enjoy. Speaking of enjoyment. This week I got a box of enjoyment that almost left me speechless.

As you guys know, I am a huge fan of surfing and the surf culture. Have been since I was a tiny kid. Well, when I was in high school in the 70s I remember seeing an ad in a drug store about a series of paperback books called Operation Hang Ten with Surfer/Secret Agent Bill Cartwright. They had these great 70s manly painted covers that always made you wish there was a movie attached to it.

These books became one of my many Holy Grails. (I had many including sex, beer, comics and avoiding arrest. The order changed all the time?) I’m sorry to say I never found any of the books. I’ve been all over this country and in hundreds of book stores, new and used and never saw any.

Then last week a box arrived. It was from a long time reader and amigo of mine, Tim D’Allaird out of Troy, New York. In this box, with a very nice letter, were five like-new paperbacks of Operation Hang Ten with Bill Cartwright by Patrick Morgan.

I was slack jawed. Really. I had to look at the books twice to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. There in my hands were “The Scarlet Surf At Makaha”, The Girl In The TellTale Bikini”, “Death Car Surfside”, “Freaked Out Strangler” and “Topless Dancer Hangup”. Christmas came early for Beau Smith.

These books are priceless just for the cover and the back cover blurbs alone. I’ve posted a sample of them here for you to appreciate and adore as I did. This was “Surfplotation” at it’s best. It was hard boiled and super groovy all between two covers.

Noted surf writer Aaron Jacobs best described Operation Hang Ten:

    The Operation Hang Ten books, published from 1969 to 1972, are part James Bond, part Emmanuelle, all tossed together and set against the Vietnam-era surf scene. They tell of the fictional exploits of agent Bill Cartwright, a surfer plucked from the beach scene, trained as a CIA agent and sent back to the beach to infiltrate the coastal counter-culture and fight international villainy. He travels the world in a woody, towing a computerized matching canary-yellow trailer, womanizing, surfing, chasing commies and brawling with the leaders of sinister drug cults.

    Cartwright ‘s adventures are paranoid and bizarre. The back cover of Scarlet Surf at Makaha reads: “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming… as Cartwright copes with freaked-out dames, truth serums, spilled guts, blood and gore for the hottest, coolest, wildest, latest, Cartwright, mind-blowing caper!” In Deadly Group Down Under: “She had the face, the body, the look that made half a million guys lust after her. Cartwright dug her as a cotton-candy-haired, false-eyelashed bundle of phony chick who wouldn ‘t know a hang ten from a hot dog. But she wanted him, and he was going to make it with her. Because someone in her crowd was smuggling military information to the Chinese Communists…The Operation Hang Ten books are junky and poorly written and unbelievably dated, but they are also sexy, easy and entertaining.

Need I say more of my literary lust for Operation Hang Ten? Yep, I am one twisted cowboy. I think there are still about 5 other Operation Hang Ten books to complete my collection. So, I guess the hunt continues for me. A good motivation for me to keep on living, eh? I’m gonna read these books very slowly to make em’ last. I’ve waited this long so I’m gonna really stretch this out.

Tim, I am in your debt and my offer of kneecapping anyone on your hit list still stands. I owe you more than is legal in most states. My next three state crime spree is dedicated to you, amigo.

That’s it for this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed this manly super-sized episode of Busted Knuckles.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith
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Ceredo, WV. 25507

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