It’s that time of year again, people…

The massive San Diego Comic-Con International is descending upon us, and I’ll be boarding a flight at O’Hare on Wednesday morning, to engage in the festivities. On the agenda is as much legitimate networking as I can muster, which includes serving up pages from The Project Formerly Known as Damon Cross (see more below), and dealing out some primo Fantastic Four comics. Because I want the whole experience to be a little more relaxed than recent years, unfortunately, I’ll be leaving the daily con reports behind, in favor of a massive end of show write-up. Don’t get it twisted, they are pretty fun to put together, and fall right in line with my compulsion to “write things in different and strange places,” but it is an extra responsibility that contributes some weight to my shoulders. Planning to take plenty pictures, so hopefully that’ll make up for it, unless you’re my editor, who likely just cringed at reading that.

Anyway, a short edition this week, as I’m preparing the final blueprint for this whole thing, so I leave you in the very capable hands of a couple upcoming projects bearing my name, one of them even making its debut at this very convention. The other is a book that just will not die, because you need it too much.

First up is the latest collabo with Rob Liefeld, providing script for the new Arcade release Nitrogen. Think this’ll be the big summer launch from the company, and it’ll be a real cool book for diehards and newcomers alike, though if you have been following Rob’s characters and concepts over the years, there’s a tremendous surprise contained within the 25 pages, which I’m absolutely forbidden to comment on. Art is provided by latest artistic find Jon Malin, the blazin’ colors courtesy of Dash Martin. Check it out, and get your copy all weekend at the Arcade booth, that’s number #1136.

Closing things out this week is the first official “teaser” image from my forthcoming project from Image Comics. I’ve talked about it at length over the last year, but finally things are lining up, so all can experience firsthand the adventures of the man called Damon Cross. I’ll have 12 pages of this for any and all comers in San Diego, so if you’ll be in attendance and are interested in seeing what everybody’s gonna be talkin’ about come this winter, hit me with an e-mail, and I’ll make sure to hook you up while I’m there. More details as they develop, and naturally, this is only the beginning…

Everybody take it easy, and I’ll be back at you sometime next week, with the full skinny on what really went down in SD. Peace out.



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