Recently there has been a lot of talk, I won’t call it news, about John Byrne and his comments on why he and Gail Simone won’t be doing their Superman book for much longer.

What he had to say has been covered by everybody and their brother online. His words have been dissected like a frog in biology class. His verbal vertebra has been laid out on the couch of every self-proclaimed psychologist in comics.


I’ll tell you why. Because there are a lot of people in comics that want drama. They aren’t satisfied with the good vs. evil that goes on in a comic book story. They want it to spill over into real life.

Is everybody that bored?

By making these comments did John Byrne take food out of the mouth of a young child? Did his words cause someone’s wife or husband to leave them?

I don’t think so.

My personal past with John Byrne is this: Over the past 18 years he has always been very polite and professional to me. He has never to my knowledge said anything bad about myself or my friends. He is a very talented and articulate guy and has done a lot of stories that I’ve enjoyed. That’s about it. Pretty simple.

I do commend him for always speaking his mind. I may not always agree with him, but hell, about a million other people fall into that box. No big deal. I’m just very thankful that I live in a place where folks can speak their mind. I don’t judge John Byrne. I either buy his work and enjoy it or I don’t.

One thing I don’t do is look to John Byrne for drama in my life. I’ve got enough of it coming at me everyday to where I don’t need to invite it. Funny how drama is always there at your door for free and beer isn’t. Well, not really funny, I guess you’d call that sad.

On the same path, God bless the folks that post comments on whatever statements John Byrne decides to make. I just wish they were a little more picky about what they get upset about in life. Much like the weather, ya can’t stop it from raining, but you can choose to either stay inside or put on a raincoat and deal with it. It’s still gonna rain. I’d like to think I can choose to get wet or not. I’m not gonna just sit and whine about it. It’s out of my control.

‘Sides it’s comics. It’s a hobby. Hobbies are supposed to be enjoyed. Unless you’re a die-hard John Byrne fan then this news shouldn’t upset ya too much. If you are a Byrne fan and feel cheated, then you write the publisher a letter and let em’ know. You also vote with your wallet and don’t buy the comic if you don’t like it after Byrne is gone. But, if you wanna post up about his comments it’s your given right to do so, just as it’s mine not to read em’.

You can find something negative in anything if ya look hard enough. Why seek it out, most times bad things will find ya without ya hanging an “X Marks The Spot” sign around your neck.

In comics, like everything else in life, there are some outspoken people. Folks like John Byrne, Peter David, Todd McFarlane, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman and many others. Some are self-publicity nightmares and others are born diplomats. Some really care what you think and others don’t. Some like to stir the shit and others like to sell it to ya and make ya think it don’t stink. It’s your choice to wear it like after shave or step over it.

I’m just glad I live in a country where that choice is mine.

If you understood any of this column then vote for me as your next president and help me build Beau Nation. If it made no sense then post up some where and make me famous. Either way I win.

The True Living Ego,

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