By Beau Smith

Did I ever tell ya that real men buy, read, and collect comic books? Well, if I didn’t I’m tellin’ ya now.

It’s a stone cold fact.

Real men have always read comic books. I realize that there are still a few Nancy Boys that say they don’t but do when nobody is lookin’. You’re always gonna have that factor. For the most part most folks are very proud that they read comics. They’ll even read em’ in public places and not care what anyone else thinks. That’s doin’ it the Beau Smith way!

I just spoke with my good buddy Dwayne Turner, the artist on The Authority , he was tellin’ me about a plane trip that he recently took across country. During his trip he was readin’ various trade paperbacks that he has picked up, Sleeper was one of em’. It was good to hear that he read em’ out in the open and made no bones about it. Nobody gave him the eyeball either.

Just the other day I was readin’ my Essential Iron Man book at a café I frequent. The guy waitin’ tables saw what I was readin’ and said he loved Iron Man and had a collection of his comics at home. Needless to say I left a good tip.

So be proud of the comics you buy and read. Let the world know about it. It doesn’t hurt to spread the good word on comics. Be a real man!

Good News:
Last week when I was puttin’ the good word out on Captain America #29 I forgot to mention that the issue is inked in red, white and blue glory by Drew Geraci. A mighty fine inker and artist. Check out Drew’s work!

Bad News:
I still haven’t made my Holy Grail yet of writin’ anything for Marvel Comics. I’ve done work for everyone else, but still nothin’ at Marvel. The clock is tickin’. I promise to hang in there.

Good News:
DC Archives. These are great books to learn and enjoy comic book history. The format is beautiful and the paper is nice. They are a bit pricey at $49.95, but you can pick em’ up on Ebay and through dealers for around $30.00 usually. I just read Challengers Of The Unknown Volume 2, incredible stuff. These are great ways to read what comics are all about.

Bad News:
Don Heck has still not been voted into any Hall of Fame. The man deserves his place with Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

Good News:
You might see both of my Parts Unknown trade paperbacks out in the near future. I’m still lookin’ for an artist to finish up the 16-page story for the Volume #2 trade paperback. Wish me luck finding a new talent for it.

Bad News:
You haven’t checked out my manly website yet. I can tell by the way your eyeball is twitchin’. Better get over there fast and check things out. There are new photos up and more new art.

Good News:
I spoke with Geoff Johns the other day and you can expect great and cool things with him takin’ over the Green Lantern: Rebirth. Can’t say anymore, but you’re gonna love it.

Bad News:
Chuck Dixon isn’t doin’ any work at Marvel Comics.

Good News:
He is workin’ every where else and doin’ a damn fine job. Check out his Seven Block from IDW Publishing with Jorge Zaffino. Great stuff that’ll put hair on your chest.

Bad News:
The Flint Henry Sketchbook isn’t out from SQ Productions yet. This book will thrill and chill you. Flint’s sketch work is great. You will place him with your all time favorites after you see this.

Good News:
I was never a big Doctor Strange fan even as a kid, but the new book Strange #1 from Marvel Knights by J. Michael Straczynski , Sara (Samm) Barnes and Brandon Peterson is something to behold. You’re gonna wanna check this out. If they swayed me to like it then you will for sure. After all? y’all wanna be like me don’t ya?

Bad News:
Did I mention I’m still not workin’ on a Marvel book? Somebody start sendin’ letters requestin’ me!

Good News:
Marvel is comin’ out with the Marvel 65th Anniversary Special. The first big throw down between the Human Torch and my boy the Sub-Mariner from the Golden Age. 48 pages and only $4.99 Get it!

I wanna take this time to thank all the folks that wrote in and requested my FREE signed prints. I musta mailed out close to 100 of them. I hope that y’all are happy with your manly prints. May they hang on your wall with manly pride.

Speakin’ of free stuff. I will send a FREE signed comic book that I have written to anyone that sends me a jpeg or photo of themselves or their favorite babe. I will post the photo on my manly website in the Manly Fans Of Beau Smith section. I will even pay for the postage to send the free comic book to ya. Make sure ya give me your name, address and all that kinda info so I can get the comic book to ya. Ya can’t beat free. The comic book will be of my choice. I’ve written a lot of em’ so no tellin’ what you’ll get.

Be on the look out for my answers to your mail. Here in the next few weeks I will be printin’ and answerin’ your mail right here at Busted Knuckles. Those that get printed will also get a free, signed Manly Beau print as well. So keep those cards, letters and emails a comin’.

That about does it for this week, amigos. I hope ya had a good time. I know I did. I just love readin’my own words and the sound of my own voice. I’m sick like that. Lookin’ forward to hearin’ from ya.

I aint’ hard to find.

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