Okay folks, a couple of deadlines are stacking up, and they’ve taken away much of the time I would ordinarily devote to the column. That’s the bad news, of course.

Good news is that the material I’m working up could see publication relatively soon, and you know how excited we get about published comics around here, so I should probably change the word good to great. Still, do have a few things on my chest that need to get off, so I’m leaving you in the hands of a slightly abbreviated piece, before getting back to work. As always, details here as soon as they’re available, and let’s begin with something that’s obvious to even the most casual onlooker…DC Comics ain’t playin’ around in the ’06. And the following counts as the week’s second bit of good news.

Sometimes I’m really struck by how cool the Internet actually is, and this weekend, frantically checkin’ the sites for Wonder Con news, was one of those times. Most interesting item was of course, the official announcement that Grant Morrison will be writing Batman, alongside an “unknown” artist whose last name is likely Kubert. Then I fully expect the other brother to join Geoff Johns on the remaining Superman book, because…well, it just makes sense, doesn’t it? Yeah, I know the Morrison Batman thing has been long-standing ‘net speculation, but I still got a noticeable tingle when reading the confirmation, and yo, really the only thing that has to be said at this point is “ninja Man-Bats.” Fifteen of them allegedly. Man, I hope that wasn’t just somebody’s typo…


Marvel’s Civil War is also looking more and more interesting, as the information slowly leaks out. I feel like I should be ambivalent, because of some residual disappointment from House of M, but that’s not really working out. I rolled my eyes at the new Spidey costume until Bryan Hitch drew it, and it was revealed to be a temporary change. Not sure that Planet Hulk will have the mileage for a 14-part epic, but the first one was cool, and the potential is obvious, giving Banner an environment where his behavior can be completely unrestricted. Even the Moon Knight previews have been tight thus far, and the cover from the second issue gives me such an incredibly strong Stephen Platt vibe, that I have to love it. No lie, that was my man back in the day.

Oh, and Kanye West doing the theme for Mission Impossible 3 puts the flick even higher on my “must-see” list, where it admittedly was anyway, cause of the Alias ties in creative talent and style. On the other end of things, Hip-Hop lost one of the best producers in the game when James Yancey, also known as Jay Dee, passed away over the weekend. Produced hits for a variety of artists, and was one of those people you just expected to someday gain a level of widespread appreciation, equal to his considerable talents. He’ll be missed, and fans of that real Hip-Hop know exactly what I’m talking about, he definitely had more good music to make.

On that note, I’m bowing out to get some work done. Will try to return promptly next week, but a couple of scripts may need that final polish. We’ll see. Until then…


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