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Some of ya may have noticed that there hasn’t been a new Busted Knuckles posted in two weeks. Well, the reason for that is because my saintly mom had to be flown out of town to Lexington, Kentucky (University of Kentucky Hospital) for some serious major surgery. Pardon my spellin’, but she had an aneurysm that measured 8 inches by 6 inches taken out and replaced. The hospitals in my area had never seen anything like it and the same with the UK hospital. Good thing was the UK hospital had the staff and equipment to do the operation. They had to fly my mom via chopper to the hospital here in Kentucky. My mom has never flown and never expected her first flight to be a life and death one in a chopper.

University of Kentucky Hospital

The operation took 8 hours of surgery. She came through it, but she is nowhere out of the swamp yet. There will be weeks in intensive care and then she will be moved down to the next level. Months of recovery at home as well.

You’ll be happy to know that in the Smith tradition she has given two people the finger, called one nurse a nazi and took a swing at another. That a pretty amazing thing because the male nurses she has all look like linebackers for the Chicago Bears.

You real men out there will be happy to know (as I am) that all her female nurses are ultra hot 24-year-old babes. Mostly blonde and VERY nice.

I’m in her room right now as I type this. Great hospital and the staff is excellent. Her main doctor and the guy that did the cuttin’ on her is Dr. Timothy Mullett. Great guy and appreciates my mom’s mean sense of humor.

I’m stayin’ at the hotel across from the hospital. Nice enough place with free breakfast. That’s a good thing. Bein’ down here is not cheap for an extended stay. I’m the only family member here right now. Everybody else had to go back to their regular jobs and stuff. They make frequent visits when they can get away. All last week, my brothers and I had the various waitin’ rooms and the rest of the hospital in stitches (pardon the manly pun) with our antics that crossed between The Three Stooges, X-rated humor and a UFC Championship fight.

They’ve got all kinds of tubes jammed in mom and a few down her neck so it makes it hard for her to talk? or give orders? but she manages with stern looks, pointin’ fingers. She’s restin’ right now.

Due to this little trip I had to cancel my plans to San Diego. I’m sure the rest of the fellas will pick up my slack. I’m sorry to all of you young ladies that I had promised to spend time with. I promise to make it up to ya very soon. Just try and indulge in cold showers and other forms of things that’ll distract ya.

That’s about all the time I’ve got right now, amigos. I hope those of ya goin’ to San Diego Con have a great time and throw down some beers for me. While you’re at it, please toast one to my mom, Shirley Smith? she’s a hell of a tough broad.

Your amigo,

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