By Beau Smith

In memory Of Michael Turner.

In my opinion…

  • Bruce Wayne could be a more interesting acharacter if the Batman didn’t pick out his clothes for him.
  • A lot of people are missing a really good MONTHLY book when they don’t read Jonah Hex by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray.
  • Epic, saga, event and crossover are the henchmen of empty hype.
  • Maintenance from Oni Press should be the next comic book property sucked up for a movie option. It’s funny and brilliantly done.
  • Scot Eaton, Aaron Lopresti, Ron Frenz, Angle Medina, Graham Nolan, Paul Pelletier, Leonard Kirk, Ron Garney, Mike Mayhew, Jamal Igle, Don Kramer, Eduardo Barreto, Enrique Villagran, Mike Norton and Tony Moore are still not appreciated enough as A-List artists that can meet a deadline.
  • J Torres, Sean McKeever, Tony Bedard, and Terry Moore shouldn’t be typecast as the guy writers that you hire when you can’t find a chick. They can do any gender.
  • Prolonged story lines are Algebra without the answer.
  • Three issues into Secret Invasion and it still has my attention.
  • Two issues into Avengers/Invaders and I find myself getting all the free beer I want, but can’t stomach the aftertaste.
  • One issue into Wolverine: Old Man Logan and I’m calling it near perfect. Millar, McNiven, Vines and Hollowell have been perfectly assembled for this story.
  • IDW Publishing is the big money maker wearing Direct Market clothing.
  • Billy Tucci’s Sgt. Rock series for DC Comics will get huge national attention and will reinvent Tucci for the Direct Market audience. The man can do more than pretty girls with a lot of makeup.
  • Everyone should pick up some and old or new Archie Comics now and then and find out what good fun is all about. Call it your dessert.
  • Ardden Entertainment’s Flash Gordon by Brendan Deneen and Paul Green looks to be all kinds of right. Finally Flash Gordon is gonna get the updating without losing what made it an icon. Do not miss this.
  • I wanted to love Project Superpowers like a really hot ex-girlfriend, then I stopped and listened to her and remembered why she’s an Ex.
  • Anything from TwoMorrows Publishing should be required reading.
  • Western comic books will become popular again as soon as someone does them right. Jonah Hex and Bat Lash could have brothers and sisters if DC would take the same risk they took on Vertigo. How many years did they publish that stuff before it turned a profit? (Or are we still waiting?)
  • You can never go wrong when you buy DC Comics Showcase Presents or any of the Marvel Essentials.
  • Artist Scott Kolins would draw a beautiful western, as would Pete Woods.
  • In the 1980’s, Pacific Comics, Eclipse Comics and First Comics were way ahead of their time creatively. Their books still measure up today and more.
  • Peter David and Chuck Dixon are two guys you don’t wanna have a debate with. You’re brain and ego would be nothing more than bloody stumps.
  • Some business/non-creative guys should really not talk to the internet news.
  • Assumption is the best liar in the room. (You can quote me on that.)
  • In a room full of liars, I’m the only one standing up. (Yeah, another one you can quote me on.)
  • Frank Cho’s message board is one of the most fun places on the web.
  • If you have one BIG hit in mainstream comics you can live off the fumes of it for five years.
  • If you have one critically acclaimed (doesn’t have to sell big) hit in mainstream comics you can live off the fumes for ten years.
  • If you are friends with the publisher/editor you can work forever.
  • There are more original ideas in comic books than in movies and TV combined.
  • Original programming on the USA Network is like reading the perfect summer book.
  • Original programming on the FX Channel is deep stuff that will put meat on your bones in the winter.
  • The original programming on the Sci-Fi Channel is stuff you shouldn’t eat, but enjoy it just the same.
  • The Canadian TV series Corner Gas is as brilliant as Seinfeld was.
  • Todd McFarlane really isn’t interested in drawing comics anymore. Like in a divorce, he’s moved on.
  • John Byrne’s work on Star Trek at IDW proves he hits on all cylinders harder than ever. No lube job here.
  • Almost any page of original art from a published comic book is worth the price and a TRUE one of a kind collector’s piece.
  • There are too many social network sites. I want to join the Anti-Social network site. I think they call it, or maybe
  • There are no young guys in comics. It’s just a bunch of old guys not counting birthdays.
  • I would like to hear what comic books you like to read, but I’d rather figure out what ones I don’t wanna read on my own.
  • That’s enough of my opinions for one week.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover of the Week: The Vigilante #1
DC Comics

Plain, simple and very much to the point. That was always the best part of the beautiful covers that lay atop the pages of The Vigilante stories. This cover to issue #1 is a perfect example. Great costume design and a character that deserves better than what he has been handed in the last few years.

Busted Knuckles Babe of the Week: Lisa Lapira

You’ve seen her on one of my favorite TV shows, NCIS (Where Mark Harmon IS Batman) and you’ve seen her in Cloverfield, ER, The Sopranos, and coming up, The Fast And The Furious. Lisa Lapria, the Queens, New York born beauty, is always great and has a hidden comic streak that has yet to be fully shown. I hope you appreciate her as this week’s Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week.

The Roundup

I want to apologize to all of you for this week’s column being so late. I had an extreme case of poison ivy and it got between my fingers as well as other places you don’t wanna know about. It was a just punishment for me thinking that it would be okay for me to prune trees, mow grass and pull weeds here at the ranch. I’m gonna try to never do it again. Really hard.

The doctor gave me a giant shot in the ass with a giant needle and then had me taking Prednisone for a week. Sure cured me up and my wife says I was even nicer. They say one of the side effects of Prednisone is some euphoria. Lemme tell you, I felt all kinds of euphoria. Too bad the long-term side effects can mess your body up. I could get used to being a nice guy all the time. Anyway, it’s over and soon I’ll be back to my old grouchy ways. Party’s over.

I’ve been pondering finally taking inventory of all my comic books. I know, a little late in life for that, but It’s my attempt to add some much needed organization to my messy life. I was wondering if any of you Knuckleheads could recommend a good Mac friendly comic book inventory program that won’t cost me a poison ivy scarred arm and leg. I would really appreciate any help you can offer. Remember, I am no computer whiz.

That’s gonna do it for this week. I hope Summer is off to a good start for all of you. I’m doing my best to get mine in line. Hope you do the same.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith
The Flying Fist Ranch
P.O. Box 706
Ceredo, WV. 25507

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