Rob for Comics Bulletin: I'm here with Kara Eberle and Arryn Zech from RWBY. Kara is playing the character Weiss. Arryn is playing the character Blake. Ladies, could you tell us a little about what the show is about? I have watched it, but I can't assume my readers have.

Kara: Well RWBY basically follows the story of four girls going to an academy called Beacon, and they fight monsters, they're trained to fight monsters, they have crazy weapons, there is awesome fight scenes. It's very I want to say focused on the girls. Not only the girls, but I'd say teens in general learning how to come into their own and fight a lot of really cool things! They fight crazy monsters, and yeah that just about covers it.  

CB: So to elaborate here, because this is a big draw of the show- you mentioned crazy weapons. Can you explain just what you mean by that?

Kara: All of the weapons no matter what kind of weapon it is, is also a gun. Blake has a sword that is also a gun, Yang has gauntlets that is also a gun, Weiss has a sword that is a gun.

Arryn: Yeah, it's a gun.

Kara: It's like a rapier, it's got different chambers that shoot out different types of things such as fire, water, lightning, energy, whatever comes up. 

Kara: And Ruby has a scythe that turns into a gun. That's always fun how they always manage to make something morph into something else. It's almost like the Transformers of weaponry.

CB: Yup. Yeah, I've notice they've all been very interesting to watch- the transformation sequences, and the monsters that they fight. I noticed they're pretty big. The last thing I saw was the larger than normal sized bear things.

Arryn: Ursa!

Kara: Yes, the Ursa. It was actually interesting to see the Ursa changed, because they're not all the exact same like most animals are. Like a panda is going to have different spots than another panda except for the face, that's normal. Anyway, yeah there's one in the beginning that's a pretty basic thing, but the one in the Crimson Forest is massive and just covered in things that I would not want to know what they are.

Arryn: Yeah the grim are pretty insane to see.

CB: Especially the giant bird that the whole two teams took on. 

Arryn: The Nevermore? Yes, the Nevermore.

Kara: I love that fight scene. That is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen these girls do, and I've seen them do some pretty cool things.  

Arryn: I love it because it's not only us fighting, but with the other team too it was kind of this giant group effort to bring them all down. It's just an epic scene.

I think that's the first time all of us have to work together as a complete group to finally mesh. Because at one point Blake has to use her ribbons to throw off Ruby, and it's Weiss's idea. We all worked together, and finally Ruby at the end- spoil alert if you haven't seen the episode, but it's in season one so you should have seen it by now if you haven't. Yeah they all work together, and Ruby is able to run up the side of the mountain to kill the Alpha Nevermore, but that's only because of Weiss's abilities with her Glyphs and everything to do that so they all work together to do something different that will eventually end up demising the process.

CB: Awesome, and just a quick shout out to the music of the series. Every single song has been great.

Kara: Yeah. Jeff Williams and Casey Williams are pretty brilliant together. I'm so impressed with Casey's singing. To have that kind of vocal control at her age is fantastic, and Jeff is just a musical genius.

CB: Okay so moving on, a little bit about this story- spoiler alert here folks, so the past couple of episodes of season one your two characters hit a bit of a rough spot. Can you explain that a little bit to the folks what happened?

Arryn: We find out about Blake's past. She is a faunas. She comes from the White Fang before it went rogue and there was a new leader coming into it, and Weiss's family is THE family. The Schnee Dust Company. They're basically like Romeo and Juliet without romance.

Kara: Right, or I always had to compare dust to gasoline or our energy here. 

CB: So like BP?

Kara: Exactly, and we've learned that in the past Weiss's family has had some issues in the past with Blake's family. We're learning that we need to come together and work out our differences because we are on a team together now. We're forced into it, but at the same time we're realizing we're going to be a team. If we're going to be a team we're going to have to work together. It's actually a line from RWBY, believe it or not Weiss does say that. It's very true.

Arryn: We have to put our past behind us and deal with what we've got in our plates right now. 

CB: So just general terms here because I know you can't give out too much about season two, does any of that continue on in season two or has it buried the hatchet at this point?

Kara: Oh no, and you find out a bit more why I would say.

Arryn: Yeah. There is definitely more. We touched the surface of it in the last season, and now we're finally going to ride into it.

Kara: Now that the characters have kinda been established into this, and now the audience knows who the characters are and their basic back story. Season two we can really get into what happened, and understanding them not only as characters but as a team and how their history of their families has affected today, and also maturing into young women.

CB: So team RWBY their main antagonists, I can't remember the group name.

Arryn: Was that the white fang? Torchwick?

CB: Torchwick. It's very obvious that their being set up for an ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny with these folks. Can you explain perhaps maybe their motivations? Without going too far.

Arryn: We don't know them yet. We find out that Torchwick is the puppet. He's not the one pulling the strings, and then in this season you get to finally see- like they show finally at the end of season one that there is a bigger batty out there for all of us. There's not just Torchwick. There is someone behind all of this. In season two you finally get into the bad guys and it's not just like being a teenager, and it's not just like these “school classes, everything sucks” kind of thing, but now it's the real world. Now you're getting into the big Grimm. The big bad guys.

Kara: A lot more fight scenes, a lot more conflict.

Arryn: Yeah, using what we have learned in season one from our training and our classes and that to real life. So it's going to be epic.

CB: I look forward to it. One last thing, and just say what you can, what is the deal with Penny?

Arryn: Ha! She's lovely.

Kara: I love Penny.

RWBY: We love Penny. That's all. That's about all we can say

Kara: Penny is awesome. She's crazy. I think everyone that's seen her has had nothing but awesome things to say, and she's everyone's favorite. And everyone has questions about her, and you'll find out. You'll find out.

Arryn: I love her fighting style. 

CB: Yup. The multiple blades up in the air, yeah it's pretty neat.

RWBY: Puppetry. Strings and in the agh! Agh! So cool!

CB: Well, from what people expect from anything being animated by Monty Oum. Thank y'all very much for your time.

RWBY: Thank you so much!

CB: Just a quick note, the next season debuts this coming up Thursday. *

Kara: Last Thursday. 

CB: Last Thursday?

Kara: Uh huh, three days ago.

CB: Ah, and then a new episode will be coming out every Thursday. Correct?

RWBY: Yes.

CB: Alright, thank y'all.

*Writer's note: at the time of this interview Season Two of RWBY had just had its first episode three days prior. At this point, the next episode is supposed to be viewable by the public on the 14th of August.

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