Rita Gorgoni: Putting the "Pieces" Together to Tell a Frightening Tale

A comics interview article by: Alex Rodrik
Rita Gorgoni breaks down the creative processes behind her and husband, Stefano Cardoselli’s newest comic, Pieces, published by Resolution Comics.

For more information on Rita and Stefano check out Azurek Studios.


Alex Rodrik: How did you get involved with the comics business?

Rita Gorgoni: I have always loved to draw and write. As a child I passed the time inventing stories, using my imagination to create anything that was impossible. I created stories of implacable evil. They were always a little too naive, almost stupid. I remember I was even afraid of myself sometimes for the evil I was able to create! However, with time, I approached the world of comics and discovered that they could help me express all the dreams I’d been having for so long. So at 18 years old, after highschool art, I attended a school of comics. That’s where I met Stefano [Cardoselli], who later became my husband, and together we created Azurek Studios.

AR: What can you tell us about Pieces?

RG: Pieces is seemingly the story of a serial killer, but there is much more hidden underneath that -- something unimaginable. I wanted to weave a very complicated story and exciting story. I hope I’ve done a good job.

AR: How did the idea for Pieces come about?

RG: I don’t really know how the story came to mind. My mind doesn’t ever follow a logical thread. I get ideas in flashes. They come from the sun. Then I discuss them with Stefano and I lay out the plot, then the script and so on. I imagined this book with a gloomy atmosphere, where the bad was really pure evil. At the same time I learned how much I love Italian opera and the works of classic writers, such as Dante Alighieri. On every page of Pieces there is a “why;” a particular something that gives meaning to the whole story.

AR: What’s it like working with your husband?

RG: It means being together twenty four hours a day, working very closely, thinking with two like-minds. It enriches our lives more, really. Two heads think better than one. Between the two of us I'm the mad visionary, and although he’s no less, he’s the one who carries out the orders. I like to be daring, and he encourages me with the stories I invent. Talking with Stefano helps me realize if a story works or not. That can be hard because it’s an ongoing confrontation, but it also spices up our relationship, which is beautiful and always good. I think the intellectual union is very, very important.

AR: How involved was Stefano in the writing process of Pieces?

RG: We do everything together. As I said, Stefano and I work side by side, creating together. I write. I suggest cuts and changes, and he’s right there with me.

AR: Where can our readers buy their copy of Pieces?

RG: Readers can find Pieces at their local comics store or they can email: letters@resolutioncomics.com.

AR: What can you tell us about our murderer’s plan to effectuate his status as a god?

RG: Our murderer, the reader will find in Pieces #2, is not a common criminal. I can only say that behind other crimes there are things that are possibly even worse. He plans his crimes with a clear aim, with a direct challenge to God because he’s rebelling against God's will to give and take life. I anticipate the reasons for his madness are vast, but there is one which is most important. But you’ll have to check out the comic to find that out.

AR: Is your intention for Pieces to become a collection of 2 issue minis about different killers and horrors? What can you tell us about that?

RG: That would be great. I would really love to continue to work on a project like this. Brian [Carr] and Scott [Bradley] (Resolution Comics) are two great guys. They’re delightful! They really understood my vision of Pieces. They’re two really great publishers.

AR: Do you have any other projects in the works that our readers should look out for?

RG: At this time my desk is full of projects. Some short-term. Others are very longer and more complex to implement. I’m also getting back to drawing, preparing a book of illustrations. I hope my work meets the expectations of the readers.

AR: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me about, Rita.

RG: Thank you.

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