Smallville: A Look into the Faces Behind the Characters

A comics interview article by: Josh Green
While at San Diego Comic-Con, Josh Green got the chance to participate in a Press Roundtable regarding Smallville.


Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan)

Josh Green: So how does it feel to get to play a superhero (Watchtower)?

Allison Mack: I get a name! I am so excited about it! I think it is a real honor to be invited into the DC family in the way I have been. I think it says a lot about our writers, that they’ve been able to create a character is so long-lasting. And I am just really excited about it. I am excited about having a storyline that’s very much a direction about where Chloe wants to go, as not so much about Clark. I mean, it’s always about Clark. But now it is not so obvious.

JG: Will there be any love interests for Chloe this season after the death of Fake Jimmy Olsen?

AM: I think that she’s focused on what she is trying to do in the world and less about what she is wants to do personally. So I think that love interests are not the first priority for her in her current path. But you never know.

JG: Do you still get jazzed about playing Chloe are have you gotten tired of it at all?

AM: You know, I think it’s really up to me to keep it exciting and new. I have a writing staff that is incredible and supportive. I love work. I love what I do. And I am thrilled to be paid to do what I love.

JG: How was your experience as a first-time director for an episode last season?

AM: I was humbled by the experience and I became so much more appreciative of the crew that I work with as well as my cast. Everyone is amazing and they made it very easy for me. And I am excited to try it again, with all the things that I learned and see what else I don’t know.

Justin Hartley- (Green Arrow/Oliver Queen)

JG: Are we going to see a redemption arc for Oliver this season?

Justin Hartley: I hope so, because right now he’s doing a lot of downward spiraling. So hopefully there will be some pay-off or redemption. Yeah, I think that’s where they’re going.

JG: Would you ever do a Green Arrow spin-off?

JH: Right in man, I’ll do it!

JG: Will Clark and Ollie’s relationship become improved this season?

JH: I think that what makes them friends and respect each other are the very same things that make them butt heads. Because they both want the same things, but it is the process of how they achieve them that is different. I think they won’t be best friends maybe ever, but they’ll always have that respect for each other.

JG: Do you think there will be any jealousy with Clark, while he is going after Lois?

JH: I hope so. I think it makes for a good story.

JG: Do you ever regret what happened with Aquaman?

JH: Nah. I think I knew before anyone else knew that it wasn’t going to get picked up.

Erica Durance (Lois Lane)

JG: Was it awkward making out with Tom [Welling]?

Erica Durance: As an actor, everybody’s different. Everybody has different has comfort zone. I think it is a bonus if you trust the person that you are working with. And that they are a gentleman, which he is.

JG: Will Lois be working at all this season, because when we last saw her Tess Mercer fired her?

ED: Nobody fires Lois. Because her main thing is the Daily Planet. Despite getting the boot from the Daily Planet last season, Lois for sure finds her way back there, investigating things, getting into trouble and getting rescued. It wouldn't be Lois Lane if she wouldn't.

JG: If the show were picked up for a tenth season, would you stick around?

ED: Oh yeah, it’s my first love. It was my first job and I’d like to see it through to the end. And if it goes 10 (seasons), I’m for it. I would love to be a part of it.

JG: What’s the most fun thing you’ve gotten to do on the show?

ED: It’s hard to pin-point. But I loved how aggressive she is. I love how she goes in and gets herself in all sorts of trouble.

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