More Monkey Business: Ramon Bachs on Marvel Apes

A comics interview article by: David Wallace

EDITOR'S NOTE: Last week we posted Dave Wallace's interview with Karl Kesel regarding Marvel Comics' upcoming Marvel Apes limited series. Little did we know Marvel Apes artist Ramon Bachs was also working on his responses to Dave's questions.

So for your enjoyment hare are Ramon Bachs' comments about his work on Marvel Apes.

Dave Wallace (DW): So, Marvel Apes - you're serious? How did this idea come about? If I remember rightly, the title of "Marvel Apes" was suggested by a fan at a convention, around the time that the Marvel Zombies craze was at its height. Was that the catalyst for the idea?

Ramon Bach (RB): As far as I know, yes, it was like that. And the fans will be now scratching their heads deciding what new idea they will suggest in a convention! HAHA!

DW: Marvel Zombies launched out of the Marvel Zombie universe's initial appearance in Mark Millar's first arc of Ultimate Fantastic Four - but as far as I know, there isn't an established Marvel Ape Universe. Does this lack of any previous baggage make it easier to write the series, or is it intimidating to have to come up with a whole new concept, and ape versions of Marvel characters?

RB:It has been very easy to create simian versions of the Marvel characters, and sometimes even the characters' names indicate which simian species I should use. For example, Spider-Man as a Spider-Monkey.

DW: Has it been fun to come up with the Ape character designs? Which characters lend themselves best to the concept?

RB: I'm having a lot of fun with this mini-series because it allows me to exaggerate things I haven't been able to do in other books. My preferred character is Ape-X, a gorilla with a Mexican wrestler mask.

DW: What are the chances of seeing an appearance from the Red Ghost and his Super-Apes?

RB: Very good chance, but shhh, it's a surprise!

DW: Marvel Zombies got a lot of mileage out of its dark tone and sick humour - what kind of tone can we expect from Marvel Apes?

RB:I like to think of the series' tone as comedic, without losing that classic adventure vibe that's a part of the Marvel universe. There will be enough space for drama and comedy existing together as a whole.

DW: How long before we get to see a character say "Get your hands off me, you damn dirty ape!" (or alternatively, "They blew it up!")...?

RB:Hahahaha. Who knows? But in my case, Planet of the Apes is my main visual reference for this book, and I'm pretty sure all the fans will have those great quotes on their minds...

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