Salvador Navarro: Action, Love, Conspiracy, Betrayals, Technology...

A comics interview article by: Jason Sacks

Salvador Navarro is an artist on the way up. As you can see from his work on Benaroya Comics's Red Spike comic, Salvador loves to draw real people in extraordinary situations. I hope you enjoy this brief chat I had with him.



Jason Sacks: At the heart of the story is a conflict between best friends, Matt and Greg. How did you create the friends to be similar and different from each other?

Salvador Navarro:Well this is the most important challenge that I face, for my first job on any mini-series; get the characters a different look, depending on their personality. For Red Spike, I'm always thinking that they have been raised and educated in a military discipline, and both have a past with things that has made them what they are. I saw a lot of military and action movies and I borrowed some characteristics from the action movies to give Matt and Greg the differences but, at the same time, makes them similar.

Sacks: How did you design the costumes and events of Red Spike? It has a pretty interesting and unique look.

Navarro: References here are, again a mix of concepts, mainly military but with a futuristic thing. Not too futuristic to make it look science fiction. I have weaponery linked to uniforms and high tech rooms... so concepts that are not 100% real but that works and gives to the book a distinct look that is also realistic.

Sacks: Salvador, why did you choose to work on this series? What intrigued you about Red Spike?

Navarro: Having the chance in work on that book was something that I didnĀ“t give a second thought about. The story caught me since the first moment I read it. You have action, love, conspiracy, betrayals, technology... well all that is needed for a great recipt and do a great action movie. I also get to work for a new publisher that publisher under the Image Comics brand and work with Mark Texeira, Who would double think thatt? I just can say one thing "THANKS A LOT DAVE ELLIOTT!" Thank you for trusting me and giving that opportunity!


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