Video Interview: Paul Pope on Battling Boy and Much More, Part Four

A comics interview article by: Jason Sacks

Continuing our four-part video interview with the great Paul Pope, we discuss influences, what it means to create great all-ages comics, the qualities of creating elegant, hand-crafted art, and much more. Honestly, folks, this interview was so fantastic I wish it could have lasted for hours. Paul was such an interesting guy, and he and I hit it off so well, that it was an absolute joy talking with him. I hope we can do it again soon, Paul.

Watch Part One here.

Watch Part Two here.

Watch Part Three here.

As a reminder, Because of all the ambient noise (and because yr. obt. servant is a goofball), some of the audio is hard to make out, so we had it subtitled for you. Also, because of the length of the conversation, we split it up into four parts, which we'll be rolling out each day this week.

Special thanks to Chris Wunderlich for his yeoman's work putting this piece together.

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