Ya know, I’ve done almost 100 Busted Knuckles columns. Hard to believe that so much time has passed. Well, get used to it. I’m here to stay so either get on the Beau Bandwagon or get outta the way.

It’s All About The Beau

Speakin’ of me? and I do a lot? I decided that this week all I’m gonna talk about is me. Now I know that some of ya out there think I talk about me every week, well you’re right, so have another beer. I don’t like it when you’re sober enough to count.

That’s enough small talk about me. Let’s get to the BIG talk about me.

Parts Unknown?Get To Know It

In 1990 artist, Brad Gorby and I got together at Mid-Ohio Con and talked of our love for those great sci-fi invasion B-Movies of the 50s. We found that we both knew way too much about em’. So we started talkin’ about what we would do if we were to make our own modern day invasion B-Movie. We stayed up most of the night goin’ over all the characters and stuff that we wanted to put into this movie. Well, since we didn’t have a movie studio we decided to do it in the form of a comic book. I was workin’ at Eclipse Comics back then so a comic book series became the format.

The end result of that late night brainstorm was Parts Unknown. Ya gotta admit, it has a great B-Movie ring to it.

Parts Unknown a very twisted world of black and white with just enough gray area to make each step unsure. There aren’t any cute talkin’ dogs or flyin’ unicorns. No smart-ass teenage sidekicks, no self-involved, MTV Real World crybabies. No whining “victim of this, victim of that” kinda losers.

Nope. Parts Unknown is where it starts to hurt.

Don’t make the mistake of thinkin’ Parts Unknown is The Watchmen or Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Parts Unknown is nothin’ but low brow entertainment. It is anything BUT politically correct. Parts Unknown is a gutter we all step into now and then. We just don’t tell our family and friends about it. With Parts Unknown you should not only suspend your beliefs, but your morals too. There are too many bullets to count, too many evil looks given and enough lurid dialogue to make the worst writer shudder.

Parts Unknown is a Drive-In movie with a crummy soundin’ speaker hangin’ on your car. This is a revenge story without any apologies.

Parts Unknown is Mars Needs Women, Predator, and Lethal Weapon all on a really low budget with some really bad actors. Parts Unknown deals with an alien invasion from reptile-like beings called Scalons. They have come to Earth with a short agenda. They wanna kill or enslave the men of our world and have nasty alien sex with our women so they can create a new hybrid race.

What’s gonna stop these intergalactic sex fiends from havin’ their own ugly orgy here on Earth? Well it’s gonna start with two recovering alcoholic detectives, Pendelton Spurr and Maria Lucci. They’re gonna do their best to tie a knot in the ass of this alien invasion before they fall off the wagon and under the wheel.

Well, Now after years of being out of print, Afterburn Comics is gonna publish Volume One of Parts Unknown in a trade paperback. All four issues of the first Parts Unknown mini-series are gonna be collected under one cover. Here’s the self-promotin’ info on it:

    Parts Unknown Volume One
    Softcover Trade Paperback. 110 Pages. Lurid black and white. Cover Price is $12.95. Ships October 2005. SPECIAL OFFER?Pre-purchase Parts Unknown Volume One and receive an exclusive signed lithograph-AND as a bonus your trade paperback will ship for free and be autographed by Parts Unknown co-creator?BEAU SMITH (I told ya it was all about the Beau) This is limited to pre-sells only.

Check out http://www.afterburncomics.com or call 859-282-0096 and ask for it by name. Tell em’ Beau made ya.

It’s Round Up Time For Wynonna Earp

Time for all of ya out there that wrote me and got your free, signed Wynonna Earp print to put your money where your mouth is. On August 17th The Complete Wynonna Earp Trade Paperback ships.

If you’ll remember over 1700 of ya wrote in and requested the signed Wynonna Earp print. Most all of ya said you were gonna buy it or had already pre-ordered it. If that happens then we just may have a sell out on our hands. For those that didn’t pre-order it, ya better tell your local comic retailer to put ya down for it. The Complete Wynonna Earp has every appearance of Wynonna Earp and every story, including the origin of Wynonna Earp and the hard to find “Blood Is The Harvest” story that was in IDW’s Tales Of Terror hardback. This is over 200 pages and in full manly color. The book is printed on real nice heavy paper and has all the first class printing quality that IDW is known for. This book is heavy enough for ya use as a blunt instrument of serious pain.

The bonus with this book is that ya get a nice photo of me on the back!! A tantalizing sepia tone photo of me in all my manly glory. All 185 pounds of man candy for the ladies to glutton themselves on. I ain’t sugar-free. Nope. I’m packed with tons of carnal calories that will promise to put pounds of pleasure on every lovely woman that chucks down her $24.99 for this massive book that shows what a strong woman is all about. The Complete Wynonna Earp is a quirky, head bustin’ mixture of sci-fi action/adventure with loads of dark humor. Where else are ya gonna get redneck, trailer trash vampires, bounty hunting werewolves, immortal desperadoes, drunken hillbilly gremlins and an Egyptian mummy hit-man?

Oh, yeah?you guys will like it too. Wynonna Earp ain’t a bad babe to look at for one that’s drawn with a pencil instead of being built like one. If you’re into that kinda thing.

Place your order now. This thing may just sell out. http://www.idwpublishing.com

Courting Fate

Trapped in a box. That’s what happens to writers like me and Chuck Dixon. We are tagged as “Tough Guy” writers so editors and sometimes even readers, try and shove us in that box and don’t give us a chance to get out. Not a bad tag to have, but I’m so much more?just ask your wife or girlfriend.

That’s a mistake. Hell, I bet half of ya didn’t know that Chuck started out writing Winnie The Pooh books and some other children’s stuff. For that matter, the very first thing I ever had published were a book of poems. Manly poems, but poems just the same.

A few years ago my good buddy Jeff Smith of Bone fame, (No relation? too bad for Jeff.) introduced me to Lora Biondi Innes at Mid-Ohio con. Lora showed me her art and just like with Brad Gorby a big ol’light bulb went off in my head. Her art was perfect for a college / romance / humor comic book that I wanted to do called Courting Fate.

You read right? a college / romance / humor book. From me!

Lora Biondi Innes and Beau

In the last couple of years Lora and I have been workin’ on this project and getting’ all the fine details down. In fact somewhere out there a few folks even have copies of an ashcan style comic of Courting Fate that we did. Check Ebay and bring millions.

Courting Fate is about a girl named Fate McKenzie in her first year of college as an art student. Her goal is to do her own comic book one day. The project follows Fate through all the stuff that most of us go through as freshman in college, friends, fun, romance except with Fate there is a possible twist.

As of late she has found things in her life really going her way. Not that she has had bad luck all her life, but all of a sudden anything she wishes would happen? kinda does in a subtle way. Does she have ESP? Some mutant positive power? What’s the deal?

The readers find out along with Fate as the story rolls along. Fate has a cast of supporting characters that are as interesting as Fate herself. Her life time friend, Donny who happens to be the biggest pop culture addict ever born and has been known to stand in line for Star Wars movies in full costume. Lola, beautiful, cheerleader, dresses perfect, but goes against grain by not being a snob or clueless. Then there’s Murphy, Lacrosse jock and possible love interest for Fate.

I could go on and on about Courting Fate, but it’s hard to shut me up and I could crowd up cyberspace with all my words.

Lora and I are in the middle of trying to find a publishing home for Courting Fate. So maybe you’ll be seein’ it real soon. Here is a tiny taste of Courting Fate that ya might enjoy. Lora did this just recently and sent it in to me. I’m gonna share it with you.

Created By Beau Smith and Lora Biondi Innes

A Date With Danger

Another project that I’m workin’ on right now has the workin’ title of Molly McKenzie-Agent Of Danger. It used to be called “Pretty Tough”, but some sports equipment company wrote me and said they already had that name.

I’m gonna sum this up in a broad stroke. This is James Bond, The Six Million Dollar Man, Doris Day, and a date movie all wrapped up in one blanket. If ya enjoy action, romance, humor, gadgets, and bad guys named Bob, then you might really like this. If not, lie to me anyway; I’m a sensitive guy. It’s part of my new scam to get more work.

I was lucky enough to land the art talents of Jorge Correa Jr. His pencils are packed with detail and the guy has a movie camera for eyeballs. Jorge comes out of The Magic Eye Studios. Once this is wrapped up we’ll be shoppin’ it around to see if we can find a nice home for it. Ya might wanna check back in the Busted Knuckles archives for a column where I gave an advance look at some of the script for this adventure.

Art by Jorge Correa Jr.

Dottin’ The Eyes

For those of you that still don’t know, I’ve got a new regular print column in the pages of The Comics Buyer’s Guide magazine. It’s called Dottin’ The Eyes. There have been three of em’ out in the last three months and the response has been really good. I take to deeper waters and cover all sorts of stuff in comics and pop culture. Ya won’t find as many cuss words or sexual remarks in it, I save those for all of you Knuckleheads here. If ya get a chance I suggest that ya scope it out next time you’re in your comic shop or book store. The thing is sold everywhere! http://www.cbgxtra.com

An Order Of Beau To Go, Please

If ya think you’ve had enough Beau then you’re wrong. I’ve got more, I just don’t have the room to share it all with ya right now.

Keep your eyes on Busted Knuckles here in the near future. I’ve got a new series comin’ out from IDW Publishing called Cobb: Off The Leash. It’s got art by my very good amigo, Eduardo Baretto and it could just be the very best thing either of us have ever done. No brag, just fact. It’s lookin’ to be a real movie put to print. It deals with a former secret service agent and his battle with the modern Russian Mafia and their ties to terrorism. I’ve done a huge amount of research on the secret service and Russian organized crime. You will not only be entertained, but ya might learn something as well. I promise you that Cobb is something you will enjoy. You have my manly word is on it. I hope to show you some advance looks at Cobb really soon right here in Busted Knuckles.

Time is short so here is a list of other projects I’ve got in the works:

    Lost & Found
    Maximum Jack
    Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars
    Mammal X
    Danger 911
    Parts Unknown The New Series
    Nick Vincent-Nazi Hunter

I hope those will tide ya over until I can show ya more. I appreciate y’all hangin’ in there with me this week as I got a little long winded talkin’ about me, me and more me. It’s one fo the few things I do really well. If ya have any questions about any of this stuff make sure ya email me here at the ranch and I will take care of your questions as I always do.

Also, lemme answer a question for ya now, cause I get it all the time. Yes? I am pitchin’ stuff at Marvel, DC, and other places. I have a great and faithful following of readers that really wanna see me ride herd on their favorite Marvel and DC characters. Well, I’m workin’ on that. So with fingers crossed and editor’s eyeballs y’all should be readin’ my words on your some of your favorite mainstream heroes soon.

I look forward to hearin’ from ya. I’m back here at the ranch, so let the mailbox fill up.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith
The Flying Fist Ranch
P.O. Box 706
Ceredo, WV. 25507

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