We at Comics Bulletin are super proud to present Kate Leth’s new column Kate or Die but first we’d like to present a little diversion with a special comic she made just for us!

Wasn’t that awesome?! Keep your eyes peeled for more comics from Kate and without further ado, Kate would like to introduce herself to all you lovely readers…

My name is Kate and I draw on the internet. I am nearly 23 years old and I live in the almost-city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I work in a comic book shop called Strange Adventures that some have said is the best in the world. I agree with them, but I’m biased. I am of average height and have several tattoos. Part of my head has no hair.


Pleased ta Meet Ya!

I got back into comics about two years ago after a teenage hiatus, and intensely since I started working behind the counter at my LCS. This column isn’t coming from a lifelong expert. I’m an amateur and an enthusiast who hates everything she drew before last week and can probably only name two or three Green Lanterns. It’s about becoming part of a community I didn’t know existed in 2008. It’s about learning technical skills, discovering new creators, publishing work and exploring the medium of sequential art (heck – I’m even attending my first major con in October). It’s for people who want to get into the occasionally impermeable world of comics, and maybe for seasoned veterans to reminisce with. Who knows! It’ll become its own entity, I hope.

I’ve been writing and drawing since I was young enough to have a natural hair colour, but I didn’t start sharing my work online until late 2010. I now run a somewhat popular little art blog, which is where the Kate or Die moniker came from. I make comics about retail, about tattoos and sexuality, about Batman and the romantic relationship I’ve decided exists between Spider-Man and Deadpool. I’ve put out two mini-comics under the Kate or Die title, as well as a few prints and a nice number of commissions and tattoo designs. I’m contributing to Womanthology, too, as well as working on an upcoming series of minis to be based on a strip I did when I was just starting out. I spend most of my time drawing. I own too many pens. I have a lot of opinions and interests and maybe that will be fun for all of us.

But the details you care about are these: I own two Absolute Editions and have a tattoo of Kate Beaton’s Wonder Woman. My favourite characters come from the Bat-family and I have trouble getting into Superman and no, All-Star didn’t do it for me. I like queer comics and work by women. I am a fan of Erika Moen, Faith Erin Hicks, Vera Brosgol, Jess Fink and Colleen Coover. I think more adult graphic novels should be funny. The best day of my life was the day I got to visit the house of Edward Gorey, of whom I also have a tattoo. I have seen every episode of Buffy at least four times. I think Black Canary’s costume is awesome but I don’t really know anything about her. I grew up on the Batman Animated series. I don’t understand Infinite Crisis.

This column’s going to be about the things I’m passionate about, when it comes to comics. It’ll be similar to what I post on my blog from time to time, but a bit more refined. I’ll share my experiences getting started in comics, what I’ve learned and continue to learn from peers and professionals. I’ll talk about how major changes in the industry are affecting customers on the level that the higher-ups don’t always see; in the comic shops themselves. I’ll also try and address the reactions I see online, in the community of mostly-female creators and fans to which I belong. I have a soft spot for lady artists, so I’ll do some roundups of my favourites as well. I hope you’ll contribute suggestions! Maybe we can all help each other get to know more about the medium.

I have to go now, because I need to bake cookies for the DCnU midnight launch party.

I really hope we can be friends.
- Kate

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