A pair of washed-up heroes are given another chance by a reality TV show, and now believe that they are ready to redeem themselves in prime time via a TV program that has made its mark by resuscitating heroes in need of an overhaul. The show is called — appropriately enough — Hero Overhaul, and has arranged for the two to have their powers upgraded and their public images revamped. Now they are ready to fight crime once again. The heroes are:

Lark: Alexandra Lark was a talented teenager with super speed who began her hero career in as a member of Super Unique Phenoms (S.U.P.). She dropped out of the public’s eye after she experienced a psychological meltdown when her teammates did not survive a mission. Now in her early twenties, Hero Overhaul has provided her with the counseling she has needed as well as a newly-designed costume that enhances her already impressive speed.

Eagle: Adopting his old government super-soldier code-name ‘Eagle,’ Joshua Ray has been fighting crime for several years both solo and as a member of the now-defunct multi-national super-group ‘Raptors.’ Since then, the government program that originally enhanced Eagle has long since been defunded, leaving him in need of maintenance and upgrades. With Hero Overhaul’s help, he has received the repairs he needed and a brand new arm, as his last one was destroyed.

Creator Steve Johnson wants to publish Lark & Eagle issue #1 as a full-color, 20+ page comic. It's full of action, drama and a little comedy and further, he wants you to be a part of this project. His team consists of himself as creator/writer, Toro Diego (pencils), Mickey Clausen (inks), Matt Webb (colors), Ed Dukeshire (letters), and Megan Wilson (colors); along with cover artists J.K. Woodward and John Wright, and print artists Ben Holliday, Peter Raymond and Dwayne Biddix

All of the funds raised by this Kickstarter will go to complete the production ofiIssue #1. It will pay for all of the artists, the printing of the comic book and the prints. It will also pay for extras (like T-shirts), postage for sending rewards and any stretch goals they may achieve.

This project will only be funded if at least $3,200 is pledged by Saturday, August 2 2014.

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