Well, the bad news is the Wm. Messner-Loebs maternity auction never went off in San Diego, as previously announced. I spoke with Neal Adams after he’d decided to pull the plug and put things off for a few months?perhaps until the next big shindig in Chicago?to maximize exposure. “There wasn’t enough time to do things right,” said Neal who always likes to do things right. “The good news is we have even more artists now who want to participate.” For those of you in the dark, the auction?which features gorgeous contributions from Joe Kubert and sons, Gene Colan, Walt Simonson, Travis Charest, and many other sublime artists?was assembled to help Wm. & his bride Nadine get back on their feet? And, no, Nadine is not pregnant. I was just funning. You can view the art at http://www.nealadams.com

The Three Tenors: Off-Key (Aardwolf Publishing)?another project to help the Loebs clan, just arrived from the printers. This stunning 130-page book features an assortment of stories by Loebs, Dave Cockrum and your humble columnist along with artwork by Loebs, Cockrum, Al Milgrom, Steve Lieber, and Michael Netzer. To order the book, which comes signed & numbered with a sketch by Loebs, visit http://www.aardwolfpublishing.com

Speaking of Netzer, take a look at http://www.flamingsword.biz, which shows the latest offerings from the ex-DC artist. Flaming Sword will be publishing a series of new sketchbooks from Michael including one that profiles comics creators. Another impressive project going on over there?and you can see it in progress if you hurry up?is the Heroes A to Z poster. Michael has depicted 26 different heroes from DC & Marvel representing the alphabet. It’s an extraordinary concept piece that I can’t wait to see completed. Each poster is being sold remarqued with a unique sketch, so pop in on Michael and have a look.

You’ve been here for five minutes and haven’t even asked about my arm? I forgive you? Yes, much better, thanks. Full mobility has returned. I can scratch my own back now and type with all twelve toes. No weight-lifting yet, but I’ll be in fighting shape by September. And I’m still willing to put $500 on the barrelhead if Gary Groth or any of his goons would like a shot at the title.

My recovery put a slight delay on METHo.d. (Mean Little Stories), my project with Jim Steranko (you must see his cover!) but the good news is that book is ALMOST done. And I’d love you to have one. And you should have one. There’s really no excuse for you not to have one. Unless you’re a Lubavitcher. Lubavitchers won’t like this book very much. So don’t wait until this book is another collector’s item?contact sales@aardwolfpublishing.com now so they can reserve the signed/numbered edition for you (at no extra cost). It’s my first collection of all-new material in a long time and it features a clever introduction by everyone’s favorite comics writer Peter David. Support your local gunfighter.

Now, it wouldn’t be a Meth column without at least one mention of Uncle Harlan, would it? At least that’s what Neal Adams told IDT’s V.P. of Business Development when we visited Continuity Studios last week. (I’ll bet I can go longer without saying “Harlan” than Neal can without saying “Neal”?) Anyway, Harlan Ellison and Ray Bradbury have signed with IDT Entertainment to be part of the Masters of Sci-Fi series. The one-hour original film anthology series will also feature works from H.G. Wells and Stanislav Lem. IDT Entertainment’s first anthology series, Masters of Horror, is currently in production in Vancouver and will premiere on Showtime this Fall followed by worldwide distribution. It’s seriously good stuff, gang. I haven’t lied to you yet? Initial “Sci-Fi” masterworks, chosen with an eye towards the one hour format, will include “Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed” by Bradbury; “‘Repent, Harlequin!’ Said The Ticktockman” by Harlan Ellison; “The Hunt” by Stanislav Lem, and “The Crystal Egg” by H.G. Wells. Negotiations are currently underway to include “The Last Question” by Isaac Asimov and “Jerry Was A Man” by Robert Heinlein. Ellison and Bradbury and writing their own screenplays. This is the real stuff.

“Our Masters franchise brings works of some of our greatest creative talents to worldwide audiences for the first time through first-class film productions,” said John Hyde, COO of IDT Entertainment. Hyde was a mastermind and Exec Producer on numerous high-qual productions including “The Lost Boys,” “Short Circuit,” “Das Boot,” “9-1/2 Weeks” and TV’s “The Simpsons” and “King of the Hill.” Keep an eye on IDT Entertainment, gang. It only gets better with age.

© 2004, Clifford Meth

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