Like a lot of you, I’ve been waiting for the return of the TV show LOST since last May. Like 24, LIFE, BURN NOTICE and a couple of other shows, with LOST I’ve seen every episode. I like it at it worst and love it at it’s best. The only time I complain is when it’s not on. I’ll take what they give me and be happy with it.

This Thursday, January 31st, it’s back. Know this, you won’t be able to get in contact with me that evening. I’ll be in front of the TV set.

Guilty Pleasures Of The Film World

We’ve all got “guilty pleasures” when it comes to pop culture. I’m no different. I’ve got a lot of them. This past weekend I was reminded of that. I like just about any sports movie where there’s a rag-tag team of misfits and underdogs, THE REPLACEMENTS is one of those movies.

I think it was TBS that was playing it a bunch of times this past weekend, so I caught it a couple of times. It’s based very loosely on a season in the NFL when there was a strike and the teams were made up of “scab” players that were cut or never considered. Being this is Hollywood and a movie, the ante is really upped with a team of really strange and funny characters, as it should be.

THE REPLACEMENTS wasn’t meant to be up for an Oscar, it was just meant to be fun, and it is. There’s nothing that you’ve haven’t seen before with the story. That’s okay. It’s like chocolate ice cream, you know what it’s going to taste like, but you like to eat it every now and then. The cast is made up of a bunch of likeable actors that all hit their marks. Keanu Reeves is the lead. He’s an actor I can take or leave depending on the movie he’s in. If he’s cast right, then the movie is really good. If he’s not, then it’s okay. I haven’t seen or don’t see all of his films, but they ones I have, he’s done just fine. POINT BREAK is another movie he’s in that’s a guilty pleasure for me.

In THE REPLACEMENTS, Gene Hackman is the coach and shows why he is one of the film industry’s greatest character actors. He always adds just the right touch in mannerisms and expressions to show why he is the best. Brooke Langton is the female lead. I’ve always found her to be an amazing looking woman and underused as an actress. You can catch her in one of my new favorite TV shows I’ve raved about here many times, LIFE on NBC.

I mentioned POINT BREAK, well it’s funny that the other star of that movie Patrick Swayze, shows up in a few of my guilty pleasure movies such as NEXT OF KIN, UNCOMMON VALOR, and ROADHOUSE.

POINT BREAK got me hooked back in 1991 because it was a surf/crime movie. My love of surfing and surf culture wouldn’t let me pass that one by. It’s a fun heist movie with the surf as a backdrop.

NEXT OF KIN (1989) also hits on a topic that I couldn’t pass up, rednecks and the Mafia fighting toe to toe. It’s got a great cast. Along with Sawyze it has Liam Neeson, Helen Hunt, Adam Baldwin, Bill Paxton, Ben Stiller, Ted Levine, Michael J. Pollard, Del Close and Paul Greco (really nice guy.) Lots of major actors before they were big stars kinda movie. Tons of action and just fun.

UNCOMMON VALOR (1983) isn’t so much a guilty pleasure as it is just a really good manly movie with very manly cast. Randall “Tex” Cobb, Gene Hackman, Reb Brown, Fred Ward, Tim Thomerson, Robert Stack and even Jane Kaczmarek. This is a DIRTY DOZEN type movie for modern times. It funny, there’s action, manly dialogue and some heart tugging moments.

ROADHOUSE (1989): You’ve heard me talk about this movie over and over here in Busted Knuckles. I’ve read your emails on this movie. I think ROADHOUSE is on most people’s guilty pleasure list. It is what it is and we all like it like that. How long have we all waited for a movie about a Bouncer in a bar, not just any bouncer, the best bouncer. It takes place in the south so you’ve got all the fun stereotypes that I’ve grown up with, you’ve got monster trucks, incredibly fun bad guys and what a cast? the great Sam Elliott as the one time greatest bouncer and mentor to Patrick Swayze’s character. You’ve got the great Ben Gazzara, Marshall Teague, Kelly Lynch looking her best, Red West, Kevin Tighe, and one of professional wrestling’s all time best, Terry Funk! Cable has played this movie over and over and continues to do so. That’s good. Maybe it’ll become more folks new guilty pleasure.

These are just a few of my many guilty pleasures.


Speaking of guilty pleasures, I found a new one this past weekend. The recent movie NEXT (2007) with Nicholas Cage and Jessica Biel. I rented this one from BLOCKBUSTER ONLINE ( and wasn’t expecting much, but ended up with a fun ninety minutes. NEXT is based loosely on the Philip K. Dick short story, The Golden Man. It was a fun sci-fi/action movie that was enjoyable if you didn’t think too hard or try and dissect it. Nicholas Cage has a strong and long career because he’s a great actor, but even more importantly he’s always likable. He’s kind of like that stray dog that you’ll always take in. In this he plays a guy that can see two minutes into his future. That makes for some fun moments and a lot of wish fulfillment for all of us. He hides in plain sight with his gift by being a magician in Las Vegas. The FBI finds out about him and wants him to help them foil a terrorist plot no matter if he wants to or not. It ends up he does when the terrorist kidnap Cage’s love interest, Jessica Biel. No worry ladies, Jessica isn’t your standard damsel in distress, she gets her kicks in. I will have to admit that Jessica Biel is some major eye candy in this movie. So if you’re looking for some easy sci-fi/action fun, this could be NEXT for you.

Don’t Work. Watch TV!

Recently the newspaper USA Today listed a few websites where you can watch a ton of TV shows for FREE. I know that’s nothing really new, but with these sites you can discover some very fun, cool older shows from the 1960s through the 80s that you might not have known about. Shows like VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, AIRWOLF, THE A-TEAM, SIMON & SIMON, LOST IN SPACE, and many more.

You can also catch up in new shows as well. One of my favorites, BURN NOTICE is on there as well. Here are the links. Find one and check it out:

Rhona Mitra-Doomsday-Canibals-Zombies-Mad Max-Hills Have Eyes

On March 14, 2008 my dreamgirl, Rhona Mitra comes to the screen in DOOMSDAY ( It’s a great mix of The Hills Have Eyes, Mad Max, Escape From New York, Evil Dead and much more. Watching the movie trailer will show you that. It’s directed by Neil Marshal who directed one of my favorite movies DOG SOLDIERS. It’s got a solid cast with Bob Hoskins and Malcolm McDowell. It’s well done and we finally get to see why Rhona Mitra should’ve been LARA CROFT-TOMB RAIDER. I highly suggest you check out the trailer on the link above. If you’re looking for a fun action/horror movie, then tell them Beau sent you.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

Amazing Man #22

Those Nazis were just really bad people. They had green, giant gorillas to do their bidding and we still beat them! That’s because we had the near-naked Amazing Man that was more than happy to bust their heads with his fists of fury. Never before have you seen such a pissed off super-hero in his Masonic jock strap whip so many Nazis. That’s why they called it the Golden Age.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of Week

Jessica Biel
– actress

Since I brought her up when talking about the movie NEXT, I figured it was a perfect time to present Jessica Biel as the Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week. She’s young, strong and has proven that she’s ready to be the next big female action star?if she wants to be, of course.

You can check out her new movie NAILED coming out later this year as well as POWDER BLUE. If you bump into her, tell her I’m doing my best to promote her. I could use the brownie points.

The Roundup

I’m really please to hear from all of you that you really like the new look and name of Comics Bulletin. I’m sure Jason Brice and all the gang here are pleased that you guys are happy. It’s gonna get nothing but better from here on out. Trust me, there are more things in the works.

I hope you enjoyed the jumbo-sized column this week. I figured that we might as well end the month with lots of reading material when you’re supposed to be working. I am your boss’s nightmare! Thanks for all the emails on last week’s column about Lady Blackhawk. It was much appreciated. I hope to continue to throw some entertainment your way here in 2008.

Keep your nose clean and I’ll see you next week.

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