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This week’s question is as follows: “Love is…”

Alonzo Washington:

Love is simple, yet complicated. We all possess it yet, we don’t understand it. People desire it, yet turn from it. On a simple level love is good, pure, holy, family, sacrifice, God & selfless. Although, on the complex level love is lust, arrogant, selective, perverted & obsessive. We show love but we limit it to particular individuals. Humans make the mistake of choosing who & when to love.

Therefore, this positive and pure emotion can be a deadly negative force. For example the mass media displays who it loves on television, film & in print. Most of what you see in the media is attractive people, fit people, talented people, rich people & White people. Therefore, poor people, overweight people, regular people & people of color are thought of being less than.

True unselfish love embraces all people. Maybe one day humanity & society will be able to embrace the concept of love for all people. Love is pure & honest and shows no bias. Society is still learning to love.

Alonzo Washington is the creator of Omega Man and a noted black rights campaigner.

Vince Moore:

Love is spending time with the wife and the cats. Love is reading good comics and books, regardless of the genre; genre is more a marketing tool in my mind than anything else; a good story is a good story, period. Love is working on projects that fuel me more than drain me. Love is writing and drawing all day and night. Love is following your bliss, no matter how silly that sounds.

Vince Moore is the writer of Platinum Publishing’s upcoming book, Kid Victory & The Funky Hammer.

Alan Grant:

Love is… all we have.

Alan Grant is maybe most famous for his Batman and Judge Dredd work, and is currently appearing with Judge Anderson and “Half-Life” in the JD Megazine.

Bill Rosemann

Love is…a warm puppy. Wait…maybe that’s “happiness.” No, I think happiness is “a warm gun.” Okay…love is what powers life. It’s all around us but at the same time often hard to find. It makes life worth living and gives living meaning. Hey, do I sound like a Hallmark card or Yoda?

Bill Rosemann, VP of Publishing at CrossGen, the friendliest man in comics.

Clifford Meth:

I used to say that love was when you’re willing to change the other person’s colostomy bag. But someone recently pointed out that that’s not love either. It’s a fetish.

Clifford Meth is loved by Harlan Ellison, hated by Gary Groth, and doesn’t know which is a greater distinction. His current book is “god’s 15 minutes”.

Fiona Avery:

“The force of attraction
Between two objects
Is proportional to
The product of their masses

And inversely proportional to
The square of
The distance between them”

Fiona Avery plays in a number of universes; her work can most recently be seen in issues of Amazing Spider-Man.

Stephen Holland:

Love Is….

1. The constant, irrepressible and insatiable desire to catch even the briefest glimpses of your loved one again. As soon as possible. And for as long as you can.

2. Friendship built on genuine admiration, trust and loyalty, rather than competitiveness or suspicion.

3. Taking your dog or cat to the vets for the very last time because it is the least awful option, then smiling reassuringly as the needle goes in, even though you know that it compounds your treachery.

4. Terry Moore. Have you met the man? He pretty much personifies it.

5. Eluding me at present.

Stephen Holland runs Page 45 in Nottingham with Mark Simpson and Tom Rosin. He also provides a monthly column for Comics International. This photo reveals the truth.

Rob Williams:

Love is…your partner allowing herself to be dragged around comic conventions all day and then sitting in the bar into the early hours while a myriad of drunken, rambling comic-related conversations trundle on around her when she has no interest whatsoever in BLOODY COMICS!

And also, never telling me to go out and get a real job.

Rob Williams is the writer of Cla$$war for Com.X, Family for the Judge Dredd Megazine, a bunch of stuff for 2000AD, including the upcoming Low Life, and Star Wars Tales for Dark Horse.


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