This past weekend I was a guest of Mid-Ohio Con in Columbus Ohio. I’ve been going there since 1984 and have only missed a couple. It always proves to be a good time and I get to see a bunch of my old friends and sometimes meet some new ones.

Back in the day before they shifted the Con to the day after Thanksgiving I used to see and meet a lot more people, but now it’s mostly locals that find it easier to make there after the holiday.

This year the Con was in a new/old location back in downtown Columbus. It was a bigger space in the convention center and wider aisles. I think I even saw a Continental Basketball League game there once during one of the Mid-Ohio Cons, so it was kinda neat to be on the floor there.

I was lucky enough to be sitting beside some long time amigos at the con. These men of uncertain morals and incredible talent were Dan Davis, who was the inker on my run of Guy Gardner Warrior, colorist Matt Webb who I also worked with on GGW a few times, Darryl Banks, the legendary Green Lantern artist, and last and least in the eyes of women every where was Paul Storrie the noted writer of Gotham Girls for DC Comics.

Good-natured ribbing was passed from table to table as we not only made fun of anyone within our eyesight, but each other as well. Old stories were retold and new ones were made up. There’s nothing like a really good lie between friends.

“Beau Smith by Bill Wilkinson

That’s not to say I didn’t meet some new friends as well. Artist and comics creator Bill Wilkison was doing “sniper sketches” of folks while they weren’t looking. Bill didn’t do the run of the mill caricature, no sir. He would do one that reflected your “inner soul”. As you can tell by the one he did of me it exposes me for the Hick that I am? and here you thought I was nothing more than an urbane sophisticate.

Matt Webb showed me his latest endeavors with Nick Cuti and Joe Staton as they have just released E-Man Recharged through my good friends at Digital Webbing. The one shot #1 issue came out a month or so ago and the printing job is excellent as is the art and story inside. I really recommend that you hunt this one down. It’s loaded with all sorts of action, great dialogue and one of the most likeable characters ever done in comics. There are also all sorts of extras in this issue that will interest anyone that loves good comics. Check it out at

Another long time amigo and Mid-Ohio Con fixture that stopped by my table was Thom Zahler. Thom is a master of all practices of comic book creation. He’s a writer, artist, letterer and colorist. He has also starred in many a TV game show and other venues of acting. Thom was kind enough to give me his latest issue of Love And Capes #2.Without a manly doubt it is one of the most entertaining and smartly written comics you will find out there. If you enjoy the wit of Paul Dini and the art style of Bruce Timm, then Love and Capes is for you. It’s a wonderful super situation comedy book that will thrill your eyes and mind in ways that are usually saved for internet porn and lurid thoughts about your grade school teacher. (I’m kidding? It’s NOT really porn.) Find out more about it at

There was a real bright spot among all these ugly guy friends of mine. I got to finally meet lovely Newsarama journalist, Vaneta Rogers. She and I talked over my series Cobb: Off The Leash, Parts Unknown, Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars as well as yammered on about college football. She, being an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, and me, backing the side of Marshall University. Trust me, amigos, you will not find a more intelligent shapely news reporter than Vaneta. Was that a sexist remark coming from me?? Of course. Who’s column do you think you’re reading?

There were lots more stories from the con that will be told another time?or as soon as my lawyers can find a way from them getting me sued. Always make sure you try your best to attend any comic book convention you can get to. They’re always fun and there’s nothing better than hanging out with old friends and making new ones.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Cori Yarckin
– singer and rock goddess

Cori Yarckin was born to see live on stage singing. She belts out the songs and rocks your lurid little world with thoughts of lust that will never be fulfilled. She is a human dynamo that slings songs like they were razorblades and has a body that is carved out of the loveliest stone you’ve ever seen.

Make sure you check out her website at Your eyes and ears will thank you and you WILL thank me.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

Johnny Law: Sky Ranger #4
Good Comics Inc., 1955

The 1950s was a decade where men could be men and bad guys could be shot without any regrets. Johnny Law was a high flyin’ real man that fought crime for the right reason? BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Johnny and his fellow Sky Ranger, Stubby owned the skies as they swooped down on bad guys like the eagles of justice they were. They broke noses, fired machine guns and dropped villains from towering heights. This manly cover shows Johnny doing what he does best. This is a true obscure gem that you may be able to find next time you’re at a convention or roaming Ebay. There’s even an ad in the book that lets you join the Sky Rangers. I wonder if they’ll still take my membership?

Make sure you stop by Chuck Dixon’s message board and see what sissy cover he has put up to try and one up me. Check it out and we’ll all make fun of him together.

The Roundup

I hope your Thanksgiving went well and you were well fattened up. Mine was great and the weather even better. I’ve started my Christmas shopping and hope to get most of it done early this year.

My Chicago Bears lost this week to the Patriots in a game of turnovers and my college team, Marshall University also lost in the deep south to Southern Mississippi. Somewhere artist Mitch Byrd is laughing. I hope my Bears turn it around this coming week against the Vi-Queens. Marshall is done for the season, but look for the wonderful movie on them WE ARE MARSHALL that will be released Dec. 22. I promise you will really enjoy it and you’ll get to see where I live and went to college. You can find more about the WE ARE MARSHALL movie at

See ya next week and keep those packages and emails a coming.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith
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