Paul Tobin pulls the subplot running through past issues of Marvel Adventures Super Heroes into the forefront. Since the very beginning of Tobin’s debut issue, fans questioned the Invisible Woman’s presence amongst Avengers. They puzzled over Reed’s odd behavior. They wondered why he actively appeared to be pushing Sue away from the Fantastic Four and himself.

Rather than explain, Tobin trusted in the readers to play along and he rewarded them with the bizarre team up of Reed Richards and Namor, rivals for Sue’s affections. Finally, Tobin dropped a bomb on his audience. He revealed that Reed hired Black Widow to spy on Sue. Furthermore, this Black Widow may not have been the Black Widow at all. Instead, she was an imposter from the future working with Reed and Namor. Strange bedfellows, indeed.

In this issue, Tobin provides more than a satisfying explanation to all the shifts in cups and the pea vanishing into thin air. It all boils down to a simple fact. Reed Richards loves Sue unconditionally. Tobin, in addition, addresses the problems his time traveling teammates create. If time travel, why not prevent World War II? Why not save thousands of lives? While answering such questions, Tobin keeps the distraction of his magic trick in fine form through choice dialogue and characteristic behavior from the cast. Reed’s expounding occurs as the Avengers storm the Baxter Building and battle its defenses, yet the real thrills arise from the drama of time travel, the interaction between Namor, Reed, and the Widow, and Reed’s love for Sue.

The story overshadows the artwork, but Buscemi and company perform admirably. They generate Reed’s emotions cracking through his logical exterior. They prompt the Widow’s bemusement and trigger Nova’s enthusiasm. They spark Sue’s anger and induce Namor’s royal poise. Proportion is high as is texture.

Ultimately, this is Tobin’s show. The artists, though, if not skilled at their trade could have tied this exceptional story to an anchor and dumped it in the ocean deep. Fortunately, Tobin received marvelous back up and, as a result, his words gain resonance.