The big day is pretty much here depending on when you find time to read this. I’m talking about Christmas, of course.

As I write this, the snow is coming down and the winds are a blowing making everything look very Christmas-like. I took a long walk this morning and even though it was pretty cold, it felt really good. It’s even better when I take the dogs on patrol in the evenings because all the lights and town decorations are up.

I have to comment that this year I did a bang-up job decorating the tree here at the ranch. I’m not real sure what it was that I did to make it look good, but it worked. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it and that’s a good thing for a big ego like me.

My shopping is almost done. Still a few things left, but nothing that I’ll have to rush around for. One of the really fun things for me is getting stuff to put in the boys stockings. Granted, they’re all grown men now, but they really look forward to all the goofy stuff I put in their stocking. Most of it is to amuse and some of it to torment them. I’m good at that.

The holiday season so far has been full of some fun stuff such as meeting buddies of mine for beers at local eateries and bars, my long suffering wife, Beth went with some of her friends and took tours of some of the noted houses in town that open their doors so show off their Martha Stewart style of decorating. I think that’s some sorta chick thing. I might partake if they were handing out free beer and some burgers, but I think it’s more of the wine and cheese crowd.

Speaking of Christmas Decorations, we have one here at the ranch that’s actually pretty creepy. VooDoo Santa.

VooDoo Santa is a wind up Santa Claus that we’ve had for well over twenty years. He has a shifty look in his beady eyes and you never know when he’s watching you and trying to creep you out. Example: Back in 1989 during the Christmas holidays I was laying on the couch late in the evening, in fact the clock read five minutes until midnight. I was lying there watching TV bathed in the light of the Christmas tree. All of a sudden, VooDoo Santa starts twisting and turning and playing his tinkling little Christmas song at the wrong speed and looking pretty weird as he does it. I looked up surprised and also saw that the clock was at exactly midnight.

Just as suddenly as he started up he stopped. I calmed down a bit and slid the 9mm pistol that I keep under the couch cushion back in place. (You never know who is gonna try and come down your chimney?) I worked up the courage to check VooDoo Santa out and made sure his wind up key was all the way down. Figured it was just jarred into action or something. While I was up I figured I might as well call it a night, so I turned out the lights and locked the doors and started walking down the hall. Then I heard it again.

I looked up on the shelf and there was the fat man in red doing his spooky little dance and playing that off key song again. He stopped as soon as I looked at him. He’s tricky like that. Needless to say I shoved him in a sack and he has been there ever since, until this Christmas. I figured that enough time had passed and the little turd had learned his lesson being in solitary for a few years. I was wrong.

The other night, late, as I was going to bed, he did it again. This time I swear he had more of an attitude about it. He was even creepier than before and his little song was even more “nails on a chalkboard-like”. What did I do?

I ran down the hall, locked the bedroom door and stayed there. I wasn’t gonna mess with the bearded little tormentor. After more than ten years in the hole he was badder than ever. So now he keeps his place on the shelf as his turf. He dances and casts his stink-eye whenever he wants and I do my best to stay out of his way. A strong man knows when to pick his battles. This one aint’ mine.

I’ve watched It’s A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart as I have for many, many years. I still think it’s one of the best movies ever and really shows off the great acting of Jimmy Stewart and what a true master Director Frank Capra was. The camera work of that film is really great and something that anyone studying film should really look at.

My beloved Chicago Bears play on my birthday this year (12/17) on Monday Night Football. With our chances for the playoffs dead I hope they go balls to the wall all and really try some fun stuff and spoil the season for who ever they play the rest of the year.

On a more serious note, my very good and long time friend Chuck Minsker had a “minor” (if there is such a thing) heart attack this past week. Chuck has been a buddy of mine for well over 25 years. He is one of the co-founders and producers of ComicsVision-The Video Comic Book Fanzine that he, Clint McElroy, Doug Morris and myself started back in the 1980s. It was an hour-long video show that was sold in the direct market on VHS and later DVD. It was filled with live interviews, convention coverage, reviews and a whole lot more including action packed mini-adventures of Beau LaDuke-Real Man. ComicsVision came out after we did Comic-Cast which was a long running radio show that we did on comic books. Some of you old-timers may remember these. Those that don’t well, maybe one day I’ll figure out how to get them up on YouTube.

Chuck is doing good in the hospital and should be out in a few days. They’re gonna run some tests on him and then send him home with a new set of diet and exercise rules. I hope all of you out there do your best to stay healthy. I need as many of you knuckleheads around as possible.

This past summer I reviewed and told you about the movie SKINWALKERS with my dream girl, Rhona Mitra. Well, it has just been released on DVD and it’d make a perfect Christmas gift for you or anyone like you. SKINWALKERS is a modern day western/monster movie that is loads of fun. Stan Winston did all the make up SFX and the best part, unlike Will Smith’s I Am Legend, there’s no CGI. These werewolves are real actors and stunt people doing what comes manly.

There is a GREAT shoot out in the main street of this “any Town” USA and in a hospital. Great character actor Barbara Gordon plays a grandmother in this film and she is the main attraction in this main street shoot out. Her part in this gunfight is a new classic as she holds off werewolf/bikers behind a post office jeep with twin 44 magnums while her grandson reloads for her.

SKINWALKERS is filled with incredible babes. Rhona Mitra, of course, but it also boasts having Sarah Carter and the exotic Natassia Malthe. Know that this movie is just what it’s supposed to be. It’s not built up as a cutting edge A-List movie, but also know that it’s not a cheap looking B-Movie. The photography is excellent as is the directing. It’s monster movie fun with a great tip of the hat to westerns.

Most monster movies take place during the night. Sometimes making a movie hard to see, but with SKINWALKERS, most all the action takes place in broad daylight and it’s a refreshing change of pace.

Buy this movie, rent this move, but most importantly SEE this movie. It’ll make a great bit of fun to watch over the holidays.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Kristen Bell
– actress

I thought I would ring in Christmas with a special bell? Kristen Bell!

Kristen Bell is the Prom Queen/Head Cheerleader in the eyes of comic ands Sci-Fi fans everywhere. Her roles in Veronica Mars and Heroes have made her the new “go-to-girl” in pop culture taking the title away from Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer fame.

The curvy, leggy Bell has really grabbed a lot more attention since her role of the super powered vixen Elle Bishop has hit a wider viewing crowd on Heroes on NBC. Look for her in the upcoming comedy Fanboys in 2008.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

Nick Fury Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D #10
Marvel Comics, 1969

One of my favorite Nick Fury covers. Christmas, Nick Fury, guns, babes and The Hate Monger. This cover captures the great feel of the late 60s and early 70s. I still remember the day I bought this issue at Richardson’s Drug Store so close to Christmas of 1969. In fact, if I remember correctly I bought it on my birthday. The Hate Monger has always been one of the classic Marvel bad guys that you always want to see the snot beat out of. This character can be brought back many times over and used with any current theme from the daily papers. Some bad guys are so bad you can’t help from killing them over and over.

The Roundup

I want to take this time to truly wish all of you a very Merry Christmas from me and my family here at The Flying Fist Ranch. I hope you spread good cheer this Christmas and all through the year. Please know that my best thoughts are with you and yours and that I appreciate you reading Busted Knuckles every week. I hope you enjoy my “tongue-in-your-girlfriend’s ?cheek” humor and the way it’s presented.

Merry Christmas, amigos!

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