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Branded Busted Knuckles Style

Last week I put the word out to comic book readers across the world that I wanted to know their buyin’ habits. I figured that I’d get a few emails and a few message board postings. Well, I was right. Only thing is I miscalculated by quite a few emails and message postings.

As of this evening (3/13/05) I’ve gotten over 300 emails and so many postings on so many message boards I lost count. Ya know what? They’re still pourin’ in. My email box sounds like wind chimes in a tornado. It’s got more ding dongs than a porno movie.

The info comin’ in has been great. Trends and buyin’ patterns are unfoldin’ all over. The readers have really gone into detail to tell me all the different things that go into their buying of comic books. When the emails and postings start to slow down I’m gonna do a follow up with some general and capsule results here at Busted Knuckles. I think y’all will be very interested in what your fellow consumers have to say. I also think that publishers, retailers, distributors and creators will wanna get their little note pads out and take a few notes as well. They will if they’re smart and really care about what they’re doin’.

Like I said, check back in with me and find out more.

Cover Up

Is it just me or does Marvel Comics use a thinner paper stock for the majority of their comic book covers? They tend to feel a bit thinner and a little flimsy. I understand that not everybody can have the printing quality of IDW Publishing, but I like my cover stock to have a little substance at $2.50 to $3.00 a whack.

Blogs and Log Rollers

There’s a real art to doin’ a Blog or online journal. Some are really good at it and others ain’t. The best ones are on time and always have somethin’ interestin’ to say or report. Some are just plain fun and you can always count on em’ to make ya smile. Others will give ya too much information and give ya the creeps. I’ve got a few I check on a regular basis and others that I avoid like an ex-wife. Lemme tell ya about the good ones.

As far as comic book pros go, Neil Gaiman and Peter David run excellent blogs/journals on their websites. Neil is really good at givin’ his readers all his latest doin’s and his thoughts on stuff that they really wanna know. He also comes across on it like he does in real life. Never raisin’ his voice, always very polite and never pissy. A true gentleman. I’ve known Neil since our days at Eclipse Comics back in the 80s when he was doin’ Miracleman. He was a nice guy then and he’s a nice guy now. Some things never change. Just like his clothes. I suggest ya check out Neil’s site and online journal so you too can learn to act like ya got manners. You can find him at

Peter David has a really good blog. It seems that he writes his as the last thing of the day before he nods out at night. There is always some nice insight on what he’s thinkin’ about. He is real timely with it. He shares his personal life and family with ya, and he always writes just enough to keep ya interested without goin’ too long. Peter is very honest about himself and his feelin’ towards things. Don’t matter if the subject is comics, movies, politics, plays, TV? whatever? he always gives his honest opinions on em’. He doesn’t try and cram his thinkin’ down your neck. He figures if your there readin’ his stuff you must have some interest in it as well. Peter is a very articulate guy and it really comes across in his blog. Peter holes up at

Larry Young of AIT/PlanetLar publishing can show y’all how a publisher should run a daily blog. Larry gives ya just enough company news and plugs without sounded like TV preacher with his hand in your pants or one of those PBS librarian types that puts ya to sleep faster than a bag full of Ambien. Larry also does a pretty good job of bein’ a west coast Beau Smith. Right down to the beady eyes and ball cap. Larry tends to run with a little more liberal bunch than I do, but hey?he’s west coast. ‘Sides, he’s got that walkin’ psycho ward, Ryan Yount backin’ him up so that ain’t bad at all. You can find Larry at his own joint located at

Speakin’ of Ait/PlanetLar, last year they came out with a little book called Tales From Fish Camp. A smart young lady by the name of Danielle Henderson wrote it. It’s about her time in the wilds of Alaska workin’ in a manly fish camp. It’s full of knives, fish guts, bar brawls, hard drinkin’ and everything else that stands for all that is manly and good with this country. Danielle has a blog/journal that is like readin’ a wonderful daily chapter in a most entertaining book. She ain’t shy about sharin’ her life with the reader and she does it with an incredible flair for conversation and phrasing that I envy as a writer. Readin’ her stuff gets you on the ground floor of somebody that I think will bust through as an A-List writer of stuff people will wanna read. I also think Danielle could go toe to toe with me in a battle of cussin’, downin’ beers and intimidatin’ those that are all mouth and no sack. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she is six feet of real good lookin’. Danielle’s life unfolds at

There are a few others that I highly recommend. Check these out and get with my program:

Those are just a few that I recommend. There are hundreds out there that also need your attention. Includin’ my own at It’s on the front page called Beau’s Manly Thought Of The Day. So next time you’re sittin’ around wastin’ time, do a search for some entertain’ blogs/journals. It’s like readin’ somebody else’s mail without havin’ a postal inspector up your butt.

Believe It Or Not-Even Brits Have Sex, Bad Teeth And All

A congrats goes out to my amigo, Rich Johnston of Lying In The Gutters fame. He and his lovely (she must be blind to have married Rich) wife just had a very healthy baby girl. I hope Rich enjoys his new baby and all the sleepless nights that come with it. I did my time watchin’ bad TV at four in the morning while havin’ a baby spit milk on my shoulder. Enjoy, Rich. They grow up before ya know it. Savor these days.

Bust My Knuckles:The Manly Art

Earlier in this episode of Busted Knuckles I mentioned that I was getting’ tons of email on the comic book branding topic. Well, it’s the same for my “Bust My Knuckles” art critique that I have offered to aspiring artists out there. I am still getting’ lots of submissions for me to take target practice at. I have been getting back to all these eager beavers with my remarks . It’s been fun and I think I’m even helpin’ some folks out?so they tell me. Please keep em’ comin’ in. This cowboy’s still on the job.

Wynonna Earp News

Just wanted to let y’all know that I haven’t forgotten how to shamelessly promote myself. Coming this summer IDW Publishing will be releasin’ what I’m callin’ right now The Complete Wynonna Earp Collection. A huge trade paperback that will collect the first five issue mini-series that I did at Image comics with Joyce Chin and Pat Lee. It will also collect the recent Wynonna Earp-Home On The Strange mini series that I did at IDW Publishing. It will also have the story Blood Is The Harvest that was published in IDW Tales Of Terror hardback AND it will also have the origin of Wynonna Earp. There will also be a few other surprises thrown in as well. You’ll find out more about those as time goes on.

Right now I’m workin’ on a new Wynonna Earp mini-series called Wynonna Earp-The Yeti Wars. There’ll be more news on that soon as well. I’m always getting’ asked who I’d like to see play Wynonna Earp if there was a movie or a TV show. That’s a common question creators get all the time on their own characters. I’m up for anybody that fits the bill. My mind is open to any suggestions.

Wynonna Earp-Possible Yeti Wars Art

I do have an idea of my own of who I wouldn’t mind seein’ strap on the boots of Wynonna Earp. Her name is Andrea Roth. Right now she is on the FX TV series Rescue Me. She has also starred in such movies and TV shows as Highwaymen (with my girl Rhona Mitra) The Time Tunnel, Sasquatch, and Crossworlds. Andrea has that “look” that I think Wynonna needs. She can also carry off action really well. But you know Hollywood? I’m sure they’d want Gary Coleman in a blond wig.

Close The Barn Door On Your Way Out

The snow has been comin’ down most the evening and from lookin’ out the window here at the ranch it still is. I almost needed snowshoes when I took the dogs on patrol tonight. Every tree looks like a Christmas tree tonight. It sure is BEAUtiful. Blue and Chubb had a fun time writin’ their names in the snow. A good time was had by all.

“See Ya Next Week, Amgios”

Tomorrow starts another busy week of me threatenin’ editors for writing work. It’s fun job and I’m glad to do it. It don’t pay too well, but I love listenin’ to em’ wet their pants when I tell em’ I know where they live and where they keep their Star Wars action figures. Feel free to help me spread the terror. Write any editor that ya feel like and tell em’ that ya wanna see my name on their books. I can always use more henchmen, thugs, enforcers, and leg breakers.

Y’all have a good time this week and keep livin’ by the Real Man code. Men will envy ya, women will love ya and your beer will stay colder.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith
The Flying Fist Ranch
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Ceredo, WV. 25507

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