Something that almost all comic book readers share is a love for monsters. It usually starts when we’re little kids seeing anything from King Kong and Frankenstein in grainy black and white to today’s youth of Barney, Power Rangers and those “Call Me Tubbies” things. In my opinion those last four characters are a hell of a lot scarier than Dracula or the Wolfman will ever be.

As a kid I was always mesmerized by the terrible documentaries and hard to find newspaper stories on “real” monsters that were playing hard to get in our real world. Monsters like Bigfoot, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster and others. I used to buy those great Famous Monster magazines and pray that Hollywood would make a Bigfoot or Loch Ness movie.

For those of you that share my love for old fashioned monsters, you’ll be pleased to hear that next month HOW BOOKS is releasing a wonderful book called MONSTER SPOTTER’S GUIDE TO NORTH AMERICA by Scott Francis with illustrations by Ben Patrick. See:

This great book is in the same format of those famous bird watching and animal guide books that you see in book stores. It’s got over 250 pages of data and illustrations of all the monsters that you’ve heard of lurking in you own back yard to some that will have you watching over your shoulder.

It covers the popular monsters that you all know and love like Bigfoot, El Chupacabra, and The Mothman (my state of West Virginia) to the lesser known monsters such as Cadboroaurus, The Flathead Lake Monster and Goatman. The book is done with really cool info and a bit of a humorous edge. This is a dream book for anyone that enjoys monsters, pop culture, horror and guide-books. It’s been on my nightstand for a week and I’m really enjoying learning about some of these North American monsters that I hadn’t heard of.

The book will be in stores next month and has a cover price of $14.99. It is well worth it and I highly recommend it as a Busted Knuckles Manly Item.

More Monsters Under The Bed

While we’re on the subject of Monsters, there is a very horrific manly book out there for artists and anyone that loves monster art. The book is Hell Beasts: Draw Grotesque Fantasy Creatures by Jim Pavelec. It’s published by Impact Books ( and will be released in September 2007.

It’s a large over-sized book of color and black and white sketches that will make your eyes pop out and show you?well, eyes popping out. Hell Beasts is a very comprehensive guide to over 25 step-by-step demonstrations of drawing gruesome, slobber dripping creatures from the depths of Hell and other bad places you don’t wanna be.

It gives all the tools, reference, set ups, to get any artist started or get any fan of monsters that much more stoked. Jim Pavelec has an extensive background as an artist in all fields of fantasy and horror – Dungeons and Dragons, Magic The Gathering, Heavy Metal and much more. Your eyes will have a feast with the art that Jim has provided in this very nice book.

Hell Beasts has a cover price of $19.99 and will be out in September.

Back To The Future With Rob Hanes!

Who says you can’t go back? Recently I did when I had the pleasure of reading Rob Hanes Adventures #10 by Randy Reynaldo from WCG Comics. When I was a kid I used to read books with the adventures of Chip Hilton (no relation to Paris.)

Chip Hilton’s sports adventures were written by Clair Bee and published by Grosset & Dunlap from 1948-1965. They were wonderful All-American stories that had just the right amount of adventure, excitement and always taught you a good moral story. These books are highly collectibles today in their original formats.

Anyway, I recently got the chance to read the comic book Rob Hanes Adventures #10 by writer/artist Randy Reynaldo. Ya see, Rob Hanes is a modern day private investigator and soldier of fortune that is always ready for any kind of job. In this case he is under cover with a minor league baseball team looking to bust a steroid plot.

The book is filled with humor, action and a nice bit of twists and turns. Randy does a manly job on character layers and you really put yourself in the place of Rob Hanes. Every issue is a standalone story and you’re very happy with the results: masterful story telling and very enjoyable dialogue.

Like Chip Hilton, Rob Hanes is a real winner!

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Paula Patton
– actress

Classic beauty, elegant, smart and very much an upcoming actress, that’s Paula Patton. Born and raised in Hollywood with her roots in the business side of film making, Paula has gone even further to become a stunning actress with brains to match her beauty. You’ve seen her in Déjà Vu with real man actor, Denzel Washington, as well as the films Hitch and London. I’ve got a feeling you’re gonna see more of her on the big screen and remember that you heard about her first here at Busted Knuckles.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

Magnus Robot Fighter
Gold Key Comics

Ever have one of those days when the copying machine jams, the vending machine takes your money and the fax machine whirrs and spits out what seems to be “Fax You!”? When that happens don’t you just wanna kick the mechanical shit out of them? Don’t you just wanna pick em’ up and toss em’ out the window? Well, if you were Magnus Robot Fighter then that’s just what you’d do.

Magnus never took any metal lip off the machines in his world. The squeaky wheel didn’t get oil, it got an ass whuppin’. Magnus faced heavy metal with heavy punching power. The word recycle wasn’t in Magnus’ vocabulary. If you were a robot it was submit or get crushed like a beer can on a frat boy’s forehead. Every issue of Magnus Robot Fighter was an action packed painting of testosterone.

Try the Gold Key issues and skip the crummy modern ones from Valiant. Be a man, bust up a robot!

The Roundup

Well, as I predicted the Smith Family Fourth of July outdoor Bash was a success. The beer and beverages flowed. There was a 50 lbs roasted pig. Kids swimming, running and yelling. My mom cussing and giving orders. A corn hole championship (again? the game? you little perverts.) The men of my generation whupped the ass of the younger generation in the game. Many a 20-something were heard mumbling, “I thought we could take those old guys?” And of course there were plenty of family friends and babes.

The weather was perfect and it went all day and into the night. Well over 60 people attended and my cousin Vince’s dog, “Chinese Pete” was there to make sure no food went to waste on the grounds.

I even took the time to show my grandson, Andrew how a real grandpa poses for a family photo. Needless to say, my wife tried to scold me, but I shooed her away and told her to go fetch me a beer.

I hope you enjoy your Fourth of July, amigos.

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