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Geoff Johns Gets Possessed

Posted: Saturday, March 29
Posted By: Markisan Naso
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In an interview at Newsarama Flash and Avengers scribe Geoff Johns revealed that he is co-writing a new creator-owned, six-issue mini-series for Homage called The Possessed. The book is set to debut in July and will be co-written by Kris Grimminger with artwork by Liam McCormack-Sharp (Superman: Where is Thy Sting?).

The Possessed is an army of exorcists who battle for the salvation of souls as demonic possessions occur more and more frequently. “The Exorcist is obviously an inspiration for The Possessed," Johns says. "Other horror films like Village of the Damned, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and The Changeling play a part as well -- but it's really the genre as a whole. We wanted to take a classic horror element and twist some hi-octane action and suspense into it -- while using intriguing and complex characters. Real people instead of cardboard cut-outs holding weapons."

In the interview Johns says that the idea of possession and exorcism is something that has interested him for a while. "The idea of possessions and exorcisms goes back to the beginning of man. Why? What is the purpose or plan? To just infest us? There's got to be more to it -- and when that is revealed, the heroes of modern-day will be there to try and tackle it. We have a pretty incredible scene in issue #2 that makes every exorcism you've seen prior to tame in comparison."

Johns also provides some information about the characters. "We have four characters that were possessed as children and are now adults. Holly Kyrk, Christian Pierce, Trix and Father Derek Burroughs. They're joined by Holly's father, Walt, who is trying to make up for lost time. They have one goal, to help free children that have become hosts for demonic parasites like themselves. The trick is, possessions are becoming more frequent, and an event bigger than any of them could expect is on the way.”

Johns says that the characters will struggle with their past possessions even as they fight demons from Hell, who can only survive the hardships of Earth for a certain time without a human vessel. "Otherwise they would venture here without fear,” Johns says. “They use human hosts, children in particular, as a 'suit' of sorts. Innocence is the sweetest flesh to them, so they're like bees to honey when it comes to kids. All the while, the path is being made for the return of a force that is struggling to find a new doorway to our world. A new kind of possession.”

If The Possessed sell well Johns says that the series will return. "Kris and I already have an idea for a sequel, which I would love to do," Johns said. "There is a definitive end for this mini-series, and some of the characters, but we do have their 'next story' already in our heads. Hopefully, we'll get to do it.”

Johns acknowledges that The Possessed is a departure from his current superhero work but says that he relishes the change. "The Possessed is different, and I like that. That's why I'm doing it. I love all genres, just like I love all music, and when the right idea came about I really wanted to do it. I'm very, very proud of this book and I hope it's just the beginning."

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