BULLET POINTS: Comics News Roundup for December 1, 2011

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Kerry Gallen made animated gifs out of some classic comic book covers. Go check 'em out, they're great.



Andy Kubert on Watchmen Prequel

Earlier this year, word got out that DC was finally going to milk that Watchmen cow in the form of four miniseries that take place before the events of the legendary Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons comic.

Today Bleeding Cool got word that one of the artists working on one of the minis is going to be Andy Kubert, artist of such works as X-Men, Batman & Son and, more recently, Flashpoint.

(via Bleeding Cool)

Solomon's Thieves Volume 2, Crogan Volume 3 Are Done, More Tiempos Finales On the Way

Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner announced that the second installment of his First Second three-part templar adventure comic Solomon's Thieves is completed, and that artists LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland are working on the third and final installment. I really dug the first volume (it read like a grown-up Disney movie), so I'm looking forward to checking out the next one.

Robot 6 also confirmed the status of two other historical adventure comics: Crogan's Loyalty, Volume 3 of Chris Schweizer's Crogan series for Oni Press is done and due out next summer, while Sam Hiti's Tiempos Finales will return sometime in 2012.

Click below for some art!

(via Robot 6)

Announced: Eisner Awards 2012 Judges

The lineup:

  • Brigid Alverson (comics journalist for Publisher's Weekly, Robot 6, MTV Geek)
  • Calum Johnston (owner of Strange Adventures Comix & Curiosities/employer of CB  columnist Kate Leth)
  • Jesse Carp (librarian, comics educator, reviewer, author)
  • Larry Marder (creator of Beanworld, CBLDF board president)
  • Ben Saunders (University of Oregon professor, author of Do the Gods Wear Capes?)
  • Mary Sturhann (Comic-Con International Board of Directors secretary)

For more info, check out Comic-Con's official announcement for the details.

MacGyver Needs a New Artist

Due to family issues, (awesome) artist Becky Cloonan is stepping away from drawing Image Comics' MacGyver comic, which was one of the most surprising and exciting announcements of San Diego Comic-Con 2011. She'll still provide covers, though.

Series co-writer (with MacGyver creator Lee David Zlotoff) Tony Lee tweeted the bad news while putting out a call for a replacement artist.

You can expect Tony Lee's inbox to be full of submissions from every aspiring artist in the biz by now. Hopefully they'll find someone who can hold a candle to Cloonan. Figuratively, of course. This ain't a Ricky Martin video.

(via Bleeding Cool)

Oh, and that Nic Cage 9.0 Action Comics #1?

The one I mentioned the other day?

It sold for a record $2.16 million. Previously, it sold for $1.4 Million.

According to Robot 6, "About 100 copies of Action Comics #1 are believed to exist, but only a handful of those are in good condition."

(via Robot 6)

Previews Galore!

  • CBR has an exclusive preview of Fear Itself: The Fearless #4 by Cullen Bunn, Matt Fraction, Chris Yost, Mark Bagley and Paul Pelletier. Dig that Paul Pelletier cover. (December 7, 2011)
  • Okay, that's not all that "galore." But hey, it happens sometimes.




The Release Date: December 14, 2011

The Creator: Sam Humphries, Dalton Rose, Pete Toms

The Publisher: Self-published

The Skinny: From the writer of Our Love is Real comes the six-issue story of "a dude on a one-way trip through the past, the present and the psychedlic into the glory of the Aztec Empire." Check out Humphries' website for information on where to find it.

Prejudgment: I was ecstatic about Our Love is Real, so I'll have to track these down. And so should you!



Achewood's baaaaaack!





  • @kellyoxford: Pregnant women are the original Trojan Horses.
  • @bclaymoore: I would write a Watchmen prequel. I know I'd get beaten up for it, but I think it would be a challenging puzzle.
  • @CBCebulski: My mom just called to ask if I had a copy of Action #1 in the basement.
  • @andydiggle: Remember when those Casablanca prequels and sequels came out and ruined Casablanca forever? No...?
  • @mikeleffingwell: "Dick in a Box" means something entirely different if you're Vincent van Gogh.
  • @aftertheschism: I didn't see the internet today. Someone recap it for me?



The trailer for Wrong, the new film from Rubber director Quentin Dupieux, is the other best trailer of the year that isn't The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

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