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Philadelphia Wizard World '08: Dude Looks Like A Lady: Daredevil #111 to feature the debut of Lady Bullseye

Posted: Sunday, June 1, 2008
Posted By: David Wallace

Yesterday, during Marvel's "Cup O' Joe" panel at the Philadelphia Wizard World convention, Joe Quesada announced that a Lady Bullseye will be appearing in the pages of Daredevil. We got the opportunity to speak briefly with Daredevil editor Warren Simons about this new Daredevil nemesis.

Comics Bulletin (CB): Warren, what is it with introducing female versions of arch-villains in your books? First we've had the newly-female Loki in Thor, and now Lady Bullseye in Daredevil...

Warren Simons (WS):That's pretty funny -- I didn't even think about that. I guess I'm a sucker for strong women. All joking aside, the credit for the great reinterpretation of Loki is due to JMS and Olivier. As for Lady Bullseye, Ed's really come up with a great introduction for her in DD #111.

CB: What can you tell us about Lady Bullseye? Is she a brand new character in the Daredevil universe, or is it a new identity for a character that we've met before? Does she have any links to the old Bullseye?

WS: She does have a link to the old Bullseye, and that will be addressed in DD #111 and over the next arc.

CB: Is it likely that we'll see the old Bullseye appear in the pages of Daredevil any time soon, or is he staying in Thunderbolts for the time being?

WS: There are some major plans coming up for Bullseye in the Marvel Universe, but I wouldn't be shocked if you saw him play an integral role in the pages of DD over the next arc or two…

CB: Is Ed going to be writing the Lady Bullseye story solo, or is Greg Rucka going to be sticking around for a little longer on the book, too?

WS: We were lucky to have Mr. Rucka join us for issues #107 to #110. After issue #110, Ed will be writing the book solo again.

CB: Can you show us any character designs for Lady Bullseye yet?

WS: Sure - here are the covers to Daredevil #111.

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