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Devil's Due Presents HACKoween!

Posted: Thursday, October 2, 2008
Posted By: Kevin Powers

Devil's Due Presents HACKoween!

Not a Secret Crisis! Not a Final Invasion! On October 15th, it's Cassie Hack versus Solomon Hitch in the brawl to end it all! Get ready for Hackoween!

Tim Seeley's Spike TV Scream Award nominated Hack/Slash is teaming up with the cult favourite web comic Halloween Man for a special Halloween crossover!

See! Cassie and Vlad's rampage through Solar City !

Tremble! As alien sex gods rip the universe in half!

Buy! Into our shameless hyperbole!

And it's all for free on! The only cost will be your immortal soul!

Brought to you by the following maniacs:

Drew Edwards (Writer)

David Baldeón (Penciller)

Scott D.M. Simmons (Inker)

Marc Lewis (Colorist)

Brian J. Crowley (Art Direction and Letters)

Russell Hillman (Editor)

In the meantime, why not get a head start on your fellow fanboys - hit your local comic book store or and buy all of DDP's wonderful Hack/Slash collections, and then drop by for classic tales of Halloween Man.

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