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Posted: Monday, August 8, 2011
Posted By: Danny Djeljosevic

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This is the cover image of Jason Conquers America, a one-shot featuring unpublished strips and artwork from cartoonist Jason, a Q&A and some tribute art from professional appreciators.

(via Jason's blog)


Womanthology Kickstarter closes out at 100K

Remember when the Kickstarter for the budding female-creator-led book Womanthology hit its $25,000 goal in less than 24 hours?

Well, 24 hours ago the Kickstarter finally ran its course.

The final total is $109,301.

Comics, I'm proud of you today.

(via Womanthology)

Walking Dead: Volume Zero Might Happen

Robert Kirkman is thinking about writing a Walking Dead prequel that tracks how Lori and Shane became lovers in the time Rick was in a coma before the first issue began.

Like with most prequels, I don't really see the point, considering we already know what happens to everyone. But I'm not gonna naysay -- I'd be curious to see Kirkman try to make it work.

(via Seattle PI)

ANNOUNCED: Astro City ongoing

DC Comics announced at the London DC Retailer Conference that Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson's long-running superhero comic Astro City will relaunch with a new #1 sometime soon. But not too soon, so that it doesn't get lost in the shuffle with DC's upcoming flurry of #1s.

(via Bleeding Cool)

DC will publish a forgotten Jack Kirby magazine

When Kirby left Marvel for DC in the '60s, he got to create a comic magazine called Spirit World in addition to all his New Gods material. Published through a separate company, Spirit World was a black-and-white comic magazine that offered Kirby the chance to make comics that the then-powerful Comics Code would never allow -- horror comics full of political and social commentary.

DC is thankfully republishing this obscure work next April.

(via Robot 6)

Alan Moore shows support for detained WikiLeaks whistleblower

PFC Bradley Manning is a intelligence analyst for the US Army who's been detained for allegedly giving information to WikiLeaks.

Writer Alan Moore, who you may have heard of, released a statement showing support for Manning:

"With any legitimate trial of whistleblower Bradley Manning still being at an unspecified date in the future, it would seem that what is presently on trial here is Western culture itself. When the persecution of an individual who has exposed an evil is pursued so ruthlessly and yet the evil itself is studiedly ignored, all of us know that there is something very wrong with the way that our society is conducting itself. And if we do not protest in the strongest terms about what is being done in our name, then we become complicit.

There is no third option. Bradley Manning and others like him everywhere are vital to our continued moral health and well-being as a people, and unless we offer them our full support in their often dire and isolated circumstances, it is we, as a people, who will end up the losers."

This statement should surprise no one who's read V for Vendetta. Either way, Moore is generally at his best when he's talking about things that aren't the American comics industry. This is one of them.

(via Comics Alliance)

Why aren't you people excited for All-Star Western?

Also at London's DC Comics Retailer Conference, Senior VP Bob Wayne revealed that the upcoming relaunch title All-Star Western is retailers' most under-ordered comic from the New 52. Which should sadden Comics Bulletin Jonah Hex super-fans Rafael Gaitan and Matthew Z. Rios.

To put this all in perspective, that means that retailers have ordered more O.M.A.C. and Hawk & Dove than they have All-Star Western. Yow.

(via Bleeding Cool)


Ty Templeton's newest Bun Toons strip points out the ridiculousness of the Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man controversy.


Becky Cloonan: "Comics are hard work. Comics are relentless. Comics will break your heart.

Timothy Callahan thinks on finding stuff in the bargain bin -- at least as a springboard to talk about em>Cerebus.

David Uzumeri interviews Grant Morrison, refrains from annotating him.


@PaulTobin: Started new job today, and Jim Steranko said nice things about my blog. I somehow won Monday.

@JHickman: While a show where The Beatles had secret identities & did cool stuff wouldn't really work, I do think it could with The Traveling Wilburys.

@nickspencer: This week I've got books from Marvel, DC, & Image out on the same day. Anyone know the last time that hat trick got pulled off?

@mrmxy: As far as I can tell the protest is against things not being on fire.

@Seanbabydotcom: I just confirmed this on a calculator: after the Smurfs' opening weekend was tallied, the number 35.6 million has committed suicide.


A new Girls video? Awesome. Their album Album was one of my favorite albums of whatever-year-it-came-out.

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