PIXEL COUNT: Video Game News Roundup for January 10, 2012

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When we last saw our hero, Nick was having a rough time posting Comics Bulletin's very own video game news panel due to working in a retail store during the holiday season. Video game news was light, but the games themselves were selling like crack-laced hotcakes. Our hero was overwhelmed and the column disappeared, never to be heard from again...


But then, something awoke! It was our hero, Nick Boisson, caffeinated and ready to begin anew in the new year! Will our hero be able to keep it going regularly, as it was whence he began? Will he be able to bring back the readers that trailed off and also bring in a few new followers as well? Will our hero ever figure out whether this is more of a news post or an editorial column or will he keep blurring the lines between both? Shall he save thine fare damsel and bring peace to the Internet all before the Mayan calendar ends?


Find out in the new year and new edition of...










Ye Olde News Bytes That Happened Whilst Pixel Count Was Away...



Alan Wake to Make Its Way to PC in 2012!

Way back in 2005, Remedy Entertainment had announced Alan Wake for Xbox 360 and PC. Remedy was a big PC developer with the first two Max Payne titles, so no one saw it coming when Alan Wake suddenly turned into an Xbox 360-exclusive title. But now, Remedy and Microsoft Game Studios are set to remedy that situation (/wordplay)...


Remedy Entertainment has announced that Alan Wake will be coming to PC in early 2012, sometime around the release of the Xbox LIVE Arcade sequel, Alan Wake's American Nightmare. The release will include the game as well as the two released DLC packs -- "The Signal" and "The Writer".


As a fan of this game, I would like nothing more than for more players to get their hands on it. I personally think the game to be a pivotal step forward for storytelling in video games and think it was one of the best games to come out in 2010. If you are a PC gamer, pick this one up. You will not regret it.


(bit from GameSpot)



Nintendo Makes the Circle Pad Pro Analog Accessory a GameStop-Exclusive in North America

Nintendo has finally announced its plans to release the Circle Pad Pro -- the analog pad add-on accessory for the Nintendo 3DS -- for North America. The trouble is that they chose to limit the availability of the accessory to only GameStop retail locations.


With games like Monster Hunter Tri-G and Resident Evil: Revelations needing the Circle Pad Pro in order to play the game, limiting the device is not only unfair to other retail locations, but to consumers, as well. I know that to many, it seems like GameStop stores are sprouting up like weeds and Starbucks shops, but they are not located in every city in North America. As for the retail stores, they are left selling a game without the device needed to play it. Why would a customer choose to buy the game and controller at two separate locations? Answer: they wouldn't.


Limiting this device to one location is in no way beneficial to Nintendo. So, why choose to do this?


(bit from Gamasutra)



LEGO Batman 2: Super Heroes Officially Announced!

There were rumors that were coming out about the sequel to LEGO Batman was going to feature more than the Bricked Caped Crusader a few weeks ago and an image even popped up. Now, it seems that there is an ad for the new game in upcoming instruction booklets for LEGO's new Super Hero line of construction toys.


LEGO Batman 2: Super Heroes will feature Batman fighting alongside Superman and Wonder Woman. The ad says the game will be released for 3DS, Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation formats (most likely PS3 and Vita).


(bit from MCV)



Nintendo to Fix the Game-Breaking Glitch in Skyward Sword

Early last month, Nintendo acknowledged the game-breaking glitch that was found in the recently released The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but their response was pretty much advising those who had not yet done it to not do it and those that had to restart their game and not do it again. [Here's my write-up of it from a previous PIXEL COUNT.]


Now, Nintendo has announced a fix is coming for those who purchased the game and were affected by the glitch. To those with an Internet connection, Nintendo will send you a patch to fix the bug. To those without, Nintendo wants you to send them your SD card or console.


As of now, this is only an option for Japanese gamers, but let us all hope that it will hit other regions as soon as possible.


(bit from Andriasang)



Sony Limits One PSN Account Per PS Vita


It seems Sony has done a little backtracking. While it was said prior that one would just need to change the PS Vita's memory card in order to switch PSN accounts, they have now stated that there can only be one PSN account on the device.


As someone who only has one PSN account and myself to worry about, this will not affect me in the slightest. But, for parents who cannot afford to get each of their kids a PS Vita and asks them to share, this is a little unfair. If Timmy wants to gain trophies to his account, but his brother Jimmy's PSN account is tied to the Vita, little Timmy is screwed.


Don't worry, everyone. The above statement was merely a hypothetical. Any relation to existing children is purely coincidental, so you need not feel sorry for them. At least not until the Vita is released on February 22, 2012 in North America.


(bit from Game Informer)



Ninja Gaiden 3 Slices Your Consoles in Half on March 20!

Tecmo Koei has announced that Ninja Gaiden 3 will be on store shelves on March 20, 2012!


Not only that, but there will be a GameStop-exclusive Collector's Edition for $100 that includes the game, a "Duel of the Mask" figures, an art book, the game soundtrack CD and a four-character demo of Dead or Alive 5!


Also, if you pre-order the regular edition at GameStop or Amazon, you will receive a two-character demo of Dead or Alive 5.


Ninja Gaiden 3 will be the first game in the series since Tomonobu Itagaki left Team Ninja in 2008. Same goes for Dead or Alive 5. It will be interesting to see how well these games turn out without the man who is responsible for the series' developments and design.


(bit from GameSpot)



New News Bytes For the New Year



Screenshots from Obsidian's Upcoming South Park Game Look Like the South Park Cartoon!


Here are some schweet screenshots of Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming South Park RPG. While I usually dislike most things that Obsidian puts their grimy hands on, I have to say that, from what we've seen from and heard about this game, we ought to respect Obsidian's authoritah!






(bit from Kotaku)



Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Out Now!



Square-Enix has released a demo for their upcoming RPG sequel -- Final Fantasy XIII-2 -- on Xbox Live and PSN.


While I am not a huge Final Fantasy fan, the only game that I liked somewhat was Final Fantasy XIII (a game that most fans seem to hate). I was not able to finish it because even the fixed combat system is a broken combat system. But, to be fair, I hate turn-based combat like I hate The Big Bang Theory: a whole fucking lot!


(bit from Square-Enix Blog)



Bethesda Reclaims Rights to Fallout MMO from Interplay After Long Legal Battle


After being in a heated case for nearly two years with Interplay for rights to develop a massively-multiplayer online game based on the Fallout property, Bethesda has finally reached a settlement with the developer.


Bethesda has gained its rights back to develop an MMO based on the Fallout universe, leaving the former license that was granted to Interplay to make such a title now void. Interplay also has no rights to use the Fallout IP for any further development and the rights to sell and distribute Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics will revert back to Bethesda after December 2013.


I understand Bethesda not wanting to have any red-headed stepchildren of the Fallout brand out there while they are still trying to rebuild the franchise. But, given that they do not have the rights to the Fallout games prior to Fallout 3 yet, I wonder if the agreement stipulates that Interplay cannot offer the games for free on the Internet until they go back to Bethesda. It would be a wonderfully poignant for Interplay to do that on October 2013 and just let everyone grab it for free while Bethesda is already planning a re-release that will probably set us back about $50.


I just wonder what Interplay is going to do now...


(bit from GameSpot)



Kinect Coming to Windows Next Month!

While I think that there is quite a striking lack of quality software for the $150 piece of hardware, I do still love my Kinect. But, to be fair, I did get mine for free from Microsoft to beta test it prior to its release. Had I spent the $150, I might be far less forgiving. But the Kinect is, no matter the software for it, a phenomenal piece of hardware. I love telling my Xbox what to do and have it do it. Finally, I get to boss around my video game console rather than the reverse (and if you think that you could do whatever you want to your console, you should read the warranty information).


Now, PC users will be getting a chance to experience the wonders of Kinect. During Microsoft's final CES keynote address (I teared a bit when I heard that, by the way), Steve Ballmer announced that an official PC version of the Kinect would be hitting store shelves on February 1!


No details on pricing, but I hope there will be a mod that will let me use my Xbox 360 version on my PC.


(bit from Game Informer)



PlayStation Vita 3G Data Plans Announced by AT&T

After the very audible groans and boos that came out of the Sony E3 2011 press conference when they announced AT&T was providing the 3G data for the PlayStation Vita, everyone was still left wondering what it would cost them to use the spotty 3G service that AT&T provides. Well, we now have our answer:


250MB/month of 3G data for $14.99

2GB/month of 3G data for $25.99 [$11 more for 8x the data]


There is no contract required for either plan and, when you activate your PS Vita on the AT&T network, you receive a voucher for a free title from the PSN store.


So, if you do plan on getting the 3G version of the PS Vita, it will pretty much cost the same amount per month that it costs to have data on your smartphone or other 3G-enabled device. At least they are not forcing a contract on you and, I'm going to be honest, that came as a surprise to me.


(bit from Game Informer)



Netflix Available on PS Vita at Launch!


At CES 2012, Sony revealed that the Netflix app for the PlayStation Vita would be available on Day One (February 22)!


While this may not be a big deal for most of the people who are planning on picking up the device on day one (like this guy right here), it is nice to know that the option will be there at launch. No matter how insignificant it may seem.


(bit from Game Informer)



Silent Hill HD Collection Delayed

Konami has pushed back the release of their upcoming Silent Hill HD Collection to sometime in March 2012.


It was previously slated for later this month and Konami has given no reason for the delay at this time.


The way I see it, this is a franchise with a lot of hardcore fans and I'm sure Konami does not want to release something that is broken. The fans can wait two more months. If they delay it again, then we can storm Konami HQ with torches and pitchforks!


(bit from Game Informer)



id Software Employees Let Go by Bethesda


Bethesda has recently confirmed that it has let go of certain employees from id Software, the developers that created games like Doom, Quake and the recently released Rage.


About the downsizing, Bethesda says:


"As part of its standard business practice, id regularly evaluates staffing to ensure it has a workforce that meets the needs of the studio. As part of that process, some id employees were recently let go."


They say that this downsize in no way affects games that are currently being developed. As someone who is looking forward to Doom 4, that is nice to hear. But employees being let go in a field that is said to be booming is always a depressing thing to see. I also feel that I have been posting too much of these the past few months.


(bit from GamesIndustry.biz)



Metal Gear Solid 3D Sneaks into Your 3DS on February!

Konami has given us a date for Snake's debut on the 3DS with Metal Gear Solid 3DL Snake Eater: February 21!


That is a day before the PlayStation Vita is released. Now, I'm actually wondering which system I should get...


(bit from IGN)



Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Delayed (and my heart breaks a little)

Ubisoft has confirmed a delay for the upcoming new installment in the Ghost Recon franchise, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The game's new release date is set for May 22 in North America and May 24 in Europe for Xbox 360 and PS3. The PC version is said to ship at a later date.


Personally, I am very excited for this game, as many fans are. But, with the delay, Ubisoft is giving us a multiplayer beta in April!


At least that should tide us over. But, if they delay it again, we're taking our torches and pitchforks over to Ubisoft next...


(bit from Game Informer)



Razer's Project Fiona is a Gaming Tablet? Really?!

Last week, Razer teased the Interwebs with its Project Fiona and at CES, they announced what it really is: a gaming tablet.


Frankly, I am a little underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, it seems to be a powerhouse of a tablet (if such a thing could exist). It has a Core i7 processor in that thing! That means that I could probably run Skyrim on it! But it has some...issues.

For one thing, the god damned controllers that stick out the sides of it make it look atrocious! It also makes the entire shape awkward and bulky. After all, the reason tablets are popular are because they are simpler to carry around than a laptop. This looks more complicated. Especially with those controls jutting out the sides and seem to be held on by thin plastic. I can see quite a few of these breaking in people's messenger bags.


Not much is told about it either. 10.1-inch multitouch display. 3-axis accelerometer. Force-feedback controls. No operating system, no estimated battery life (I'm going to go ahead and say that it will probably suck) and the price was just said to be under $1000. If that means $999, I'm going to send an e-mail to Razer with my address so that the CEO could come over and blow me.


I genuinely want to see what is announced from this device as the months draw nearer to its release. Not because I want one, but because I want to follow the spark on the fuse before this blows up in their face.


In the meantime, I'll stick to getting a PS Vita.


(bit from PC Gamer)








SSX Gets a Little Tricky...



I want this game! It looks like the Saints Row: The Third of extreme sports games! Honestly, I think I'm in love with this game...



Why do you hate your own character, SEGA? WHY?!



Yes, that was Sonic the Hedgehog in a commercial for Progressive Auto Insurance. First, why is Sega whoring out their one prize character to do commercials for car insurance? Especially right after they actually just released a damn quality game! Second, why would Sonic ever need a fucking car?! He's the fastest thing alive and the little bastard never gets tired! Is it for that fucking McDonald's Happy Meal toy he drives in Sega All-Stars Racing? This makes no fucking sense! I hate you, Sega! I hate you so fucking much it hurts sometimes!



WarioWare!: Valve Edition



I'm not a hugger, but I want to give whoever made this video a hug. Like a long hug with an awkward -- but tasteful -- ass grab. He deserves it! [/nohomo]







Happy New Year, kids! I wanted to speak briefly about Pixel Count and what I would like out of the new year from this column and the Infinite Ammo appendage of the site. We are currently trying our best to make Infinite Ammo bigger and better for the site. We're hoping to get more video game reviews up, more columns, more Top 10s, more interviews and even some content that the other segments don't get.


For that to happen, I need to do my part to make Pixel Count better. I am still in the midst of trying to reformat the posts. I'm also trying to see what works, what doesn't and what just needs a bit of tweaking. And with that, I need help from you guys.


With the new site, we got a comments section on all the posts. I would love it if I could get some honest feedback from you guys. I know that there is stuff that I need to work on. For one thing, I need to make sure that these posts get out at a decent time everyday and that they are released on a regular basis. I started doing that well at the beginning, but I let it slide as last year was coming to a close. But that has nothing to do with content. What I need is feedback on the news posts themselves. What do you like? More importantly, what don't you like? Do you want the posts to be more serious or do you want some humor? Do you think the posts are too long or too short? Anything you have to say, I would love to hear it. As long as you're not out to attack me, I'm open to listen to what you have to say. Even if you are out to attack me, go ahead and post anyway. It's the Internet and I sure as hell don't plan on censoring you.


I would also ask that you do the same for all the video game-related posts that go up on Comics Bulletin. We are building this for you. 2012 is the year where we want this segment to be as big or bigger than the film and TV portion of the site. We can only do that if we are providing you with what you guys want.


Thanks a lot and stay tuned for more from Infinite Ammo!






Until next time...










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