PRESS RELEASE: Pander Bros. Launch Digital Self-Publishing Website

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Pander Bros. Launch Digital Self Publishing website 

Legendary comic book creators the Pander Bros. wide array of indie comics will be powered by Graphicly digital comics platform beginning with Arnold Pander and Jon Vankin’s conspiracy action adventure, “TASTY BULLET”

The Pander Brothers Digital Comics

Known for their cutting edge comics, the Pander Bros. highly stylized artwork and multi-media storytelling helped set the stage for the indie comics revolution of the 90’s, with GRENDEL: Devil’s Legacy, Exquisite Corpse, Triple X, and into the new century with Secret Broadcast, Accelerate, Batman: City of Light and collaboration with Conspiracy theory historian, Jon Vankin – “Tasty Bullet”. 
“We realized that as the printed comics become more and more scarce, many of our comics and graphic novels that are out of print are becoming harder to find.” says Arnold, the younger sibling of the collaborative duo. “ We knew we had to take matters into our own hands if we wanted to stay relevant in this new era of media and digital entertainment.” Jacob adds, “ Digital self publishing is the creator’s way of empowering themselves and framing their creative voice for years to come.”
Powered by GRAPHICLY digital comics platform, the Panders are releasing a number of their cult comics with digitally re-mastered features, new colors for books originally printed in Back and White, and “Transmedia” elements that can be experienced through joint websites, Facebook and Youtube to experience other medias with each book that is released. The Pander Bros. are no strangers multi-media, having produced and directed feature film, commercials, music videos, along with fine art shows, and Electronic music compilations.  View a number of their media projects at the Pander Bros.’ main web hub:

“By releasing our comics digitally it finally gives readers a chance to experience various medias that relate to each “storyworld” we create around each book” Arnold explains, “ You won’t just read our comics, they will be part of a larger entertainment experience on the web.”
The flagship comic is the re-mastered Tasty Bullet graphic novel by Arnold Pander and Jonathan Vankin (The greatest conspiracies of all time, Bankok, Vertigo Pop Tokyo). Tasty Bullet will be released as a six-issue series with new covers, selected color pages, and answers to the conspiracy of the 90’s energy drink  “TASTY” which the storyline is based upon. This “Transmedia” component will allow the reader to explore a range of medias that will illuminate the truth behind the banned energy drink that Tasty Bullet.

We are the Fury Of HOARD . Our mission is to stop these propagandists from further perpetrating the disinformation campaign led by Bullet Corp. The Authors of Tasty Bullet would have you believe that their Tasty Bullet is a fictional tale of personal redemption of the fictional Tasty Girl. NO! SHE WAS REAL! The Tasty Bullet comic is designed to indoctrinate our children to the deadly energy drink’s new brand identity – TASTY BULLET. DON’T BE FOOLED! We plan to infiltrate their digital comic series, hack their websites, and disrupt their social networks too expose the truth!  


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