Flesk Solicitations in Diamond's April Previews

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There are three Flesk titles in this month’s Diamond Comic Distributors Previews catalog: the second printing of the sold out paperback edition of Naughty and Nice: The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm, the upcoming Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! commemorative art book, and Flesk Prime, the collection celebrating five of our core artists.

We have been extraordinarily pleased with the response to Naughty and Nice: The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm. Bruce is an Emmy Award-winning artist, writer, director and producer who has been working in the animation field for nearly three decades. Naughty and Nice sold out within a month of publication and made Diamond’s #1 Bestseller list. This is a fitting tribute to Timm’s talent. We are honored to have the opportunity to publish this unique collection of his personal works. We are likewise excited to announce the second printing of the paperback edition, now available for pre-order in the April Previews, page 296, Diamond Code APR12-1108.

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! commemorates the inaugural event of the same name, being held in Kansas City, MO, May 18-20. This lavish hardcover art book explores the work of the five special guests at this year's event, illuminating the art of: Android Jones, cutting-edge creator, live-stage digital painter at music and art festivals; Brom, an artist whose distinctive vision has been applied to novels, games, comics, and film; Iain McCaig, world-renowned illustrator, concept artist, and character designer, best-known designs for the iconic Star Wars characters Darth Maul and Padmé Amidala; Phil Hale, prolific in both the commercial and fine-arts fields; and Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy and one of the most respected figures in contemporary comics. April Previews, page 343, Diamond Code APR12-1355

Flesk Prime is an introduction to five of the top artists that make up the current artistic core of Flesk Publications. Craig Elliott, visual development artist, character designer and concept artist having worked primarily for Disney and DreamWorks; Gary Gianni, Eisner Award winning for his illustrator of a wide variety of books, including The Complete Conan of Cimmeria, Michael Chabon’s Gentlemen of the Road, and the Prince Valiant Sunday comic strip; Petar Meseldzija, illustrator and fine artist of works including ten book covers for books of children's fantasy literature for Scholastic, and Flesk’s The Legend of Steel Bashaw; Harvey and Eisner Award-winning Mark Schultz, American cartoonist, illustrator and writer, perhaps best known as the creator of Xenozoic Tales and his writing for the newspaper strip Prince Valiant; and William Stout, one of America’s foremost fantasy and film artists, dinosaur muralists and illustrators, having contributed to over thirty films including Raiders of the Lost ArkJurassic Park, Walt Disney’s Dinosaur and Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth. Each of the book’s over seventy-five illustrations are handpicked by the artists themselves, specifically for this collection; a unique and personal exploration of this varied and unparalleled group of artists. Flesk Prime is now available for pre-order from the April Previews, page 342, Diamond Code APR12-1352.

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