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"JACK ZERO - Cracker Jack Shot" Digital Comic Series - available June 7th 2012

Don’t miss the first issue with Jack Zero’s origin!

Written by Joel Blumsack and Arnold Pander

Artwork by Arnold Pander

You won’t even need to pony up a nickel because issue #1 is FREE!

The old west meets the digital frontier as renaissance man turned wild-west hero, “JACK ZERO - Cracker Jack Shot”, rides again in this five part series from Pander Bros.Comics. Jack Zero originally appeared in Dark Horse Presents 121-126, in black and white. This newly colored series has brand new full-color covers with artwork by Arnold Pander of thePander Brothers. Written by beat-box comic Joel (Zero Boy) Blumsack and Arnold Panderand illustrated by Pander, Jack Zero takes you on an adventure of a misunderstood marksman who’s deadly “double-shot” launched him into wild-west infamy. This digital comic series powered by Graphicly, will also include cool extras pages that explore some of the wild-west icons of Jack Zero’s era and give us a glimpse of the legends that defined this tumultuous time in American history.



“We wanted to create a character that was almost out of place in the very era that he was helping to define” Arnold explains. “Jack lives in the old west but his dilemma is very contemporary.“ Joel adds, “Jack’s pulp fiction persona reluctantly forces him into battle which in turn only furthers his legendary status. He can’t escape himself.”


Jack Zero was born on the stage as one of Joel Blumsack’s many colorful alter egos.  As his main performer moniker “Zero Boy”, Blumsack has played stages worldwide with his vocal acrobatics and zany stage presence that takes viewers on a ride where the stories are told with sound effects that come straight from Zero Boy’s mouth and into your imagination. One of Blumsacks' alter egos explores the misunderstood sharpshooter, painter, and benevolent East Coast gentleman, Jack Zero. When Jack's skills as a marksman cuts down both the killer of his mentor and the rope of a hangman’s noose, Jack’s “double shot” launches him into pulp fiction infamy. Cavorting with the likes of Wild Bill Hickok, Annie Oakley and performing in the Wild West show with Buffalo Bill, only propelles Jack further into a legendary status of which he can never escape.



Blumsack and Pander collaborated to bring Jack Zero's tale into graphic novel form. Now the world can read the adventures of Jack Zero at

The Pander Brothers Digital Comics 
This year the Pander Bros. launch a selection of their most acclaimed comics and graphic novels on their new self-publishing venture, Pander Bros. Comics, powered by the new digital comics platform, GRAPHICLY . 
Throughout 2012, Pander Bros. Comics will release a number of their rare and out-of-print comics and graphic novels with digitally remastered artwork and other “Transmedia” features on various websites and social networks, starting with the iconoclastic pop-manga adventure, TASTY BULLET. Arnold Pander illustrated and co- authored the story in collaboration with conspiracy theory historian, Jonathan Vankin; Also their re-mastered and newly colored the newly colored, revisionist pulp-western, JACK ZERO: “Cracker Jack Shot”  Co-Authored by Joel Blumsack and Arnold Pander, Illustrated by Arnold Pander.  And the return of their cult classic pirate radio comic SECRET BROADCAST, with a brand new Electronica soundtrack of cutting edge artists from around the country.


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