Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson's "Happy" Has a Release Date

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Image Comics has announced that Happy!, the upcoming four-issue miniseries from artist Darick Robertson (The Boys,Transmetropolitan) and writer Grant Morrison (The Invisibles, every great superhero comic ever), is set for a release date of September 26, 2012, with a final issue dropping the week of Christmas.

Here's what Image's press release had to say about the whole matter:

Nick Sax isn't what you'd call a "winner." The anti-hero of the new Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson comic mini-series HAPPY! has been fired from the police force, turned on by his own employees in his murder-for-hire business (well, what would you expect?), is constantly drunk, and is waging a hopeless battle against the agonies of eczema. Sax seems beyond redemption, but saviors often take strange forms, and, in his case, it's the form of a tiny blue, feathered pony named Happy.

Oh, did we forget to mention that? Yes, besides being heavy with violence, profanity, and sex, HAPPY! is also a tribute to the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

"HAPPY! is a story I've wanted to write since hit-man Nick Sax and his 'partner' Happy the Horse appeared fully-formed in my head two years ago," said Morrison. In an interview at Newsarama, he described the impetus of its development: "I wanted to do a classic Christmas story – like A Christmas Carol or It's A Wonderful Life – but with all the junkies, killers and pedophiles which make our modern world so colorful!" 

In the same interview, artist Robertson talked a bit about the mysterious, eponymous Happy the Horse, about whom the two creators are being enticingly elusive. "Happy had a complete transformation from the initial drawing to what he became and what he became is one of the most enjoyable things I've ever designed to draw," said Robertson. "I hope readers will have as much fun with this as I've been having.

Full disclosure: when I found out Morrison's first Image book was about a hitman, I was kind of disappointed, because this is Grant Morrison we're talking about -- one of the most creative voices in pop comics if not the most -- and Image already puts out a handful of books about hitmen. But then I hear "eczema" and "a tiny blue, feathered pony" as talking points for the comic and I get the feeling that Happy! will prove to be weirder and more entertaining than average expectations surrounding the average high-concept story about a contract killer.




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