Marvel Relaunches Uncanny X-Force; Launches Cable and X-Force

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Two more titles were announced today by the Marvel NOW machine, with Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca launching a new Cable & X-Force series in December, to go alongside a relaunch of Uncanny X-Force by Sam Humphries and Ron Garney.

Firstly, in Uncanny X-Force, a crazy line-up of Storm, Psylocke, Spiral and Puck join forces for some apparent reason. Chris Sims’ interview with Humphries on ComicsAlliance doesn’t reveal anything of the plot or tone of the book, particularly, which means we’re essentially flying blind to what this will be about. Mostly likely, Marvel are planning a swerve of some kind, which would also explain why there’s no promotional art for the series yet. Some other characters (Hope? Namor?) Could be joining the book, or there might be a twist at the end of AvX which sets up the series. We’ll have to see.

We’ve got more dirt on Cable & X-Force though, by Hopeless and Larroca. This is going to be the book where Cable finally wakes up from his coma -- which editors had previously told us would happen during AvX, indicating just how choppy the editing on that event has been -- and goes back on the offensive. Hurrah! Joining him is an eclectic group of brain-impaired soldiers like Dr. Nemesis, Domino, Forge and… Colossus? This seems to be spinning out of whatever happens to Hope Summers in AvX, with Cable facing off against the Uncanny Avengers and going on the run with his team. Accused of terrorism, he’ll have to use all of his soldier skills in order to keep himself out of the hands of Captain America’s team.

Issue #1 of both books will be published this December.


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