IDW look to the future with Memorial: Imaginary Fiends

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Today IDW announced the launch of Memorial: Imaginary Fiends, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Memorial miniseries, created by Chris Roberson (iZombie), Rich Ellis (Stars Below) and Grace Allison (Wander).

Returning to the enchanting and thrilling dreamlike world of the original miniseries, Imaginary Fiends invites us to join heroine Em on the next steps of her journey. In the press release, Chris Roberson explains, "the first Memorial miniseries that Rich Ellis and I did was always intended to be the beginning of Em's story, not the end."



The interesting twist? Memorial: Imaginary Fiends is a digital-only series, as IDW take a serious step forward into the realms of online distribution, with a planned release of nine eight-page installments, released on a biweekly schedule for just 99¢.

The idea of a quick, inexpensive read delivered digitally to smartphones and tablets (via Comixology or IDW's own app) is one that the publisher hopes will appeal to a new generation of tech-smart readers. 

Roberson, too, is keen on pushing the new digital frontier. "I've long believed that digital distribution was destined to play a large part in the future of comics, and was delighted when IDW suggested that we structure the next storyline as a digital original serial," he says.

Imaginary Fiends is available now on the IDW app and Comixology.

On a personal note, as an early adopter of tech, I'm very keen to see how this experiment pans out; how about you? Are digital comics on tablets the future, or are floppies here to stay forever?



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