Upcoming Halloween DLC for SLEEPING DOGS, "Nightmare in North Point"

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Halloween DLC should be more of a thing! I know that whenever Treyarch makes a Call of Duty game, they release a zombie-related DLC pack. But who likes Treyarch's Call of Duty titles anyway? [Answer: Far too many.]

At least the cool folks over at United Front Games are releasing a fairly epic and strange looking DLC pack this Halloween for their hit title, Sleeping Dogs, called "Nightmare in North Point". It has the dead, walking and doing kung-fu all up and down Hong Kong, a thin dude with a smiling cat mask and it looks pretty damn cool! It also looks as if Sleeping Dogs is looking to get into the weird, mystical stuff that was present in the original True Crime titles that this game was originally based off of.

Check out the awesome grindhouse-inspired trailer and five screenshots after the jump:



Click on an image to see it in all its glory (full size):

"Nightmare in North Point" will be available this Halloween (Wednesday, October 31st, 2012) on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Marketplace and Steam.



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